Its time to go on a hiatus :) Packed most of our stuffs on our checklist... :)

This is beginning to sound like lotta fun for Dommy and I.

The reason for this short hiatus started from the day i blogged about My Daily Obsession. Suddenly it hit me that i am spending way too much time in front of the computer and on this blog that i am beginning to think that my hamster Pinko is REAL. *LOL* I really should get out there and touch some people and get a real life and real hamsters too... hahhahahahaha

Thank God i have Dommy. He's real.. that's for sure. Cos i just poke him and he went "oww"

I just need a tiny break... and just hibernate in some caves in Ipoh. My hometown is famous for many most beautiful caves. Ipoh sits on a valley and we have mountains and hills surrounding us like a surround sound system! Cool eh? If you love caves, come visit Ipoh... and check out all their caves. Don't forget the camera :)

Both Dommy and I are just gonna find a nice cool cave and just hibernate for a week for two.. hahhahahahaha.. we are both just lazy bums!

Meantime... if you (reside in Malaysia) and would love to have a super cool tee-shirt... don't forget to visit Yunus Ismail's blog. He's having a competition till the 25th April 2009. He's looking for a tagline for his Little Lab Design. Check him out ya!

Click here to join his contest.

Let's go Dommy. Oh.. forget your bed will ya... we don't need extra baggage. We got to go find some Ayama too.

CU guys after about 12. Don't be notty and be charmingly happy ;) Ciao!

14 woofs:

Anonymous said...


Get me a cave spider laaa and those cool albino blind snakes...they make good companions too..and a scorpion or two..


baincardin said...

Anny, sramat bertapa dan merehatkan minda kamu di dlam gua ya :)

Nessa said...

Haloooo Annyyyyyyy!!! Boo!!!

Alamak!! I come back from holiday, you pulak go holiday... hehehe

Have a jolly one ya. Miss ya!! :D

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Hiyaaa Anny, you pergi mana nie? Now Nessa balik, you pulak go on holiday ... LOL!

Have a great one, Anny.

bem69 said...

Anny, you have been tagged! please check out my post at

yoon see said...

Hi, anny it's good to take a break.
We will miss you for a while, don't go to long OK.
Are you in KL now?
If yes, can we meet up?
Great feature with link within right? So, we can check out your previous posts one by one!

Bye and happy Friday, Saturday, Sunday....until you come back:)

Yoon See

Unknown said...

We'll both go find some cave spiders when you come back :D

Unknown said...

Baiknya si Bain ni.. timokasih Bain.

Unknown said...

*pssst Nessa* I am just hiding.. from from from....

Unknown said...

I still visit u every single day Spiffy.. even when i was in the cave... i got free wifi in the cave u know... :p

Unknown said...

coming soon Bem :) me saw Marzie's beautiful picture already.. cool tag!

Unknown said...

Sorry Yoonsee.. KL trip only in June :) now too lazy to travel.. hehe.. i didn't go far.. i was just lazing around :)

bem69 said...

Anny, terernye boleh drop cards masa dalam cave. Sangat zaman teknologi la anda.

Unknown said...

Err.. Bem.. wifi karang kan terer.. hehhehehehe.. even in cave pon bole jugo :p Ada bb.. semua pon bole :D