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The Bare Necessities was one of the songs that i really love in Jungle Book. I remember watching the Jungle Book with Boy when he was little. Everyone in our household pampered him endlessly because he was the first grandchild and a baby in our household after a long time. He is so loved.
I always love the carefree dance of Baloo and Mowgli. The dance kinda loosen all your limbs.. and you feel so great after the dance... hehhehehhee.. try it.
When Hann comes back... he'll be almost one. Just in time to teach him the Bare Necessities dance ;)

2 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Bebe can't wait for his godmother to teach him the 'dance!' He misses his godmother so much as he was only 9 days old when she has to leave to go back to work. Never mind...soon we'll meet again...

Unknown said...

Mummy and daddy can teach bebe first :) so he'll be a pro when he comes back.. hehe.. its a great song for kiddo..

don't think Hann will remember me.. he'll probably cry out loud when he sees me.. hahhahahahhaa