Boss: What have you been doing these past few days?

Anny: I am having a bit of a fever

Boss: Did you see a doctor?

Anny: Doctors cannot help

Boss: Why? What kind of fever are you having? Is it dengue?

Anny: No. Its called the Bain's Fever

Boss: Is it contagious? How come i never heard of it?

Anny: It issssssssss contagious.

Boss: Then you better get yourself to a hospital and contain it. Don't go spreading it if its contagious.

Anny: But boss... its just a HDR fever.

Boss: What HDR fever are your talking about now?

The above conversation was between my immediate boss with me today. *LOL* I think i really did made her head spin today. hahahhahahhaa.. I might get myself sacked too... hehehhehehee..

I work for a company in Singapore and all my colleagues and bosses are there. We only communicate through email and yahoo. And lots of uploading and downloading business. :D I've been working for this company like forever. My bosses are very nice people and they do place a lot of trust in us to do out work. We try not to screw up too much.

If the biggest boss gives me a call... i will know that i have screwed up somewhere. He only sees us once a year... during our Christmas lunch.

Trust is a very good thing to have between employee and employer. He trusts us to do our work and in return we do more for him :)

This Bain's Fever is probably propagating viral now. *lol* With that i end this with a copyright note for Bain Cardin. Bain is Almost Famous now.

© Copyright, All Rights Reserved Bain HDR Fever 2009

p/s: Someone might just have to shoot me soon... if i keep on posting about HDR & Bain... hahhahahahahaa... On a positive note, a new post soon :) on something else.

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Aki (kotakitam) said...

Haha.. it is indeed contagious Anny! While you still have it, buat banyak2 HDR utk kami semua tgk ya! I love all your photos so far! :)

Unknown said...

thanks for the encouragement Aki :) i will keep the fever burning... till Bain comes back from exam :p

baincardin said...

OMG! I didn't realize this post until i check i thru ur HDR tag Anny! "Bain's Fever" ??? ini betul² demam dah melarat ni. dah tahap kronik ni! hehe....thanks for the credit Anny! I'll post it in my blog about this 'Bain's Fever' a.s.a.p.!!!


Unknown said...

hahahaa.. kelakar la ni si Bain.. but.. i tengah demam masa tu.. melarat jugo.. hahhahahahaha.. satu bulan suda demam... tapi effect pon blom sampai tahap En Yunus :)

baincardin said...

OMG! Anny! I'm touched! :) I've already post it in my blog! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the linky post Bain.. you are so sweet! hhahahahahahaa.. this is what life is about.. humour :)

emilayusof said...

lol!!! hahahahahahaha anny!! fever tu siap ada copyright lagi hahahahahaha

Unknown said...

hahahaha.. yele.. this copyright ponya bebenda started from Aki ponya site le.. *LOL*