Welcome back Bain and HDR Fever :) Our journey on HDR continues and the fever burns on... hahaha.. it is more fun when Bain is on the HDR train too.

This is the latest test on HDR after following a tutorial by a fellow blogger friend... Yunus Ismail. You can download his free tutorial on HDR but its in Bahasa Malaysia. Thanks again Yunus. Your tutorial is simply easy to follow. And the effects were more intense. I love it.

If you love photography, this is one of the very fun photo-editting effects with Photoshop. I have been having this fever for over a month now. Still burns on.

Have fun trying.

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baincardin said...


baincardin said...

am i the 1st one? FC?

baincardin said...

Waaah...teruskn usaha murni HDR mu itu Anny! keep HDRing ya! I'm in critical condition rite now...HDR viruses make me spinning! ;)

Unknown said...

hahaha.. yes yes.. you are FC.. mari saya bagi tepukan tangan.. hehehhee..

thanks for dropping by Bain :)

Unknown said...

HDR virus suda melarat ko? hehehhehee.. kita sama sama usahakan HDR kita.. tapi.. jangan ambik gambor biler pandu kreta ye.. bila Aki pandu.. you ambik le gambor.. hehe

yunus said...

Nicely done Anny! but, be aware with grainy thing on that effects, masa guna highpass tu kene experiment sket,( avoid over high pass ) coz nanti photo nampak mcm byk doting2

Btw, photo yg you buat ni da success! Congratulation

Unknown said...

Tq for dropping by En Yunus and welcome to my humble site.

I think saya highpass terlampau jugo.. hahaha.. krana terlalu asyik.. hehe.. i was wondering jugo mengapo ini gambor grainy pulak

timokasih mengomen the picture.. i will try banyak lagi.. sesama dengan Bain.. kita tengah demam lagi.. *lol*

yoon see said...

Yunus Ismail got a great blog, thanks foe sharing Anny:)
Glad that you continue your mission on this purpose driven project.....and found your passion & true calling on it!
Keep it up.
I can't do it now, I am using corel draw and paint at the moment.
Sure will join in when I change the softwares later!

Unknown said...

Yunus is a very kind lad.. and very generous person to share his knowledge with us. His graphics are wonderful. I love his site.. the colors are very engaging.

You can try HDR with this.. this is a free download http://www.mediachance.com/hdri/index.html It just has a watermark at the end of the picture.. the effects are amazing.

I tried mine with photoshop as per Yunus's tutorial.. there are many more tutorials to catch too..

baincardin said...

yup! betul tu Anny. byk software with diff kind of versions that we MUST TRY!

ni bebetul2 demam cikgu-punya-HDR ni.hehe....siapa cikgunya? En. Yunus!!!!! ;)

Unknown said...

HDR subject ni agak meluas.. hahhahahaa.. first it started with Bain... then si Aki masuk picture tentang tutorial HDR... then En Yunus ponya tutorial.. bagus sungguh u orang.. hahhahaa.. makes photography more exciting now with the HDR..

semua cikgu cikgu Gaban 19

baincardin said...

hehe....Gaban 19!

"Baiklah! Mari kita semua serang raksasa Gorgon itu sekarang!!!"


Unknown said...

raksaksa Gorgon kat mana? *lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

baincardin said...

Raksasa Gorgon berada di mana²! Haa....pening kepala nk serang raksasa tu! hehe ^_^'

Unknown said...

di mana mana ka? cam ni baik Geng HDR kita ni bersembunyi le.. bila suda terer sikit dengan HDR kita.. kita bole berserang bersama-sama :)