Papa came back today and went uwah uwahhhhhhhhhhhh uwahhhhhhhhhh.. *lol* Err.. no no.. he's not in pain. Don't you worry there.

Today is hospital check-up day... and usually he goes there real early to take the numbers and wait for his turn. Since he is a government servant, he gets his daily dose of medicines from the General Hospital. They do give the best and most expensive medicines in the General Hospitals... but you just got to sit and wait for your turn.

And why did he went uwah uwahhhhhhhhh uwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..?

He came back with lunch.. at 10.30 am. And with supa supa deeeelicious food.

There's this very nice couple.. old folks who has a stall under a big tree. Selling aunthentic malay dishes. Not that the rest of them are not aunthentic but you have to try this old folk's food. Its its simply delicious. And they finish fast. They open their stall at 10.30am.. and before 12.00... all their pots and tupperwares are empty. People start coming at 10.30.. like my papa.

Papa came home grinning away like he has a bunch of gold nuggets in his hands. He quickly showered and dig into his lunch at 10.30... calling out to me and ask me to eat my lunch quickly. He will go.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. so nice la this... wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. the sambal belacan is to die for.......... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... how can anyone cook such deeelicious food... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... uwahhhhhhhhhhh uwahhhhhhhh away while he is digging into his food. It is hilarious to me.. hehhehehe

Each time he buys this food from the old folks under the tree... he will go uwahhhhhhhhh uwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... hhahahahhahahaa..

Aunthentic malay dishes must be eaten with your fingers.. digging into the rice... wahhhhhhh... never with a fork and spoon... cos cos you might want to keep the smell of the food on your fingers long after you've eaten and savour the remnants of the smell. ahhhhhhhhhh... that makes me kinda hungry now.

Hmm.. he doesn't go uwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uwahhhhhhhhhhhh when he eats my cooking at nite.. hahhahahahhahaa.. and now you all know why.

I shall not post a picture of the delicious food here.. hahhahahaha.. Don't want to have you all salivating over the picture.. and and get all your keyboard wet. *LOL*

4 woofs:

Anonymous said...

I am salivating...misses the food too, only have them twice! Can't wait to have them again.

Unknown said...

hahhahahaha.. good good... another thing to draw you and bebe home faster.. hehehehhehehe...and i can have this most deeeeeeelicious food.. any given day of the week.. muaahhhahahahahahaha :) dun be jealous ;)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

You know, I'm fasting for Good Friday and reading your post has made me hungry la ... LOL!

Here's wishing you a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter too :D

Unknown said...

Opps! Sorry Spiffy.. hang in there will ya.

Thank you for the wish and may you and Mrs Spiffy and kiddos have a blessed one too.