Something i read yesterday touched me. Read it a few more times till it sink in. It has not sank in completely yet :) but its too beautiful to be kept to myself.

Its a poem by Mitsuo Aida (translated by Tim Grant)

Because it has lived its life intensely
the parched grass still attracts the gaze of passers-by.
The flowers merely flower,
and they do this as well as they can.
The white lily, blooming unseen in the valley,
Does not need to explain itself to anyone;
It lives merely for beauty.
Men, however, cannot accept that 'merely'.

If tomatoes wanted to be melons,
they would look completely ridiculous.
I am always amazed
that so many people are concerned
with wanting to be what they are not;
what's the point of making yourself look ridiculous?

You don't always have to pretend to be strong,
there's no need to prove all the time that everything is going well.
you shouldn't be concerned about what other people are thinking,
cry if you need to,
its good to cry out all your tears
(because only then will you be able to smile again).

It is simple and very beautiful. It reminds us of the importance of innocence and to live for "now". Don't live in the past and the future.. but today.

I took this excerpt from Paulo Coelho's Like the Flowing River. Sometimes i read some books again after a few years time to understand it better. At different stages of our life, we grasp things differently.

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful poem!Thanks 4 sharing this poem. Live for today...
Bebe sends his love 2 u...

Unknown said...

Anything and everything for Bebe ;)

yoon see said...

How true, we don't have to pretend to be strong....
Lovely, sweet and so meaningful. Thanks for sharing with us Annu.
Btway, I can't leave even a comment on your the other cool photo blog.
Pls. advise Anny!
Your lastest purple effect flower blossom piece is so appealing. I find joy dropping by:)

Unknown said...

Yoon See :D thanks for dropping by! Yes.. this is a very meaningful Japanese poem... you should check out the calligraphy too.. it is so beautiful.
I knew that someone like you would appreciate a poem like this ;)

cannot leave comment on boomoohoo? hmm.. lemme check.. might have done something while i was changing templates :) tks for the info.. btw.. if u like them.. just tell me the code.. i send the hi-res to u..take care dear!

emilayusof said...

beautiful!! food to the soul!

Unknown said...

Yep Emi.. check out the link to the Mitsuo Aida's online museum... the calligraphy is beautiful!

yoon see said...

Sorry to type your name wrongly Anny.
Thanks for your kind offer Anny.
I will be back to check your other blog during weekends:)
Have a great weekend Anny!

Unknown said...

hehhehe.. no problem YSee... u have a great weekend too!

Sophiya W said...

This is just so beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this. It is so touching. I had read this over lots of times like you said and it has almost sunk in. You are very right about people grasping things at different ages :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sophiya,
Thanks for dropping by my site.. and glad you enjoyed this poem too.

Its really beautiful and meaningful. Do you like Paulo Ceolho's books?

I love poems.. becos they bear many deep meanings in them.. i'll share more poems in the next posts!

Have a nice day!

baincardin said...

luv this part-"its good to cry out all your tears,
because only then will you be able to smile again)."


Unknown said...

Glad you like this Bain.
Yes.. only when you cry out all your tears will you be able to smile again :)
Didya know that April is National Poetry Month? Patutlaa berbanyak poetry di sana sini jugo :D

baincardin said...

ooh ye ke? hmm...mmg ramai poetry lover bulan ni ya. :)

Unknown said...

Ye tak ye jugo.. tapi saya suka poetry whole year round le.. not just on April.. hahaha

baincardin said...

yay Anny! me too! :)

Unknown said...

Cam ni kita jadi Bes Fren le :)