When its really warm... while you are trying to stick some toothpicks to hold your eyelids open... what really goes on in that fried head of yours?

Today is JUST AS WARM AS YESTERDAY! But wait.. i hear thunder... :D lemme go out and check for a minute...

oooooooooooooooooooOOOOOooo... indeed dark clouds... wowwheeeeeeeeeee.. never have i been so happy to see rain. I think both Dommy and i gonna go out with our shampoos and just shampoo ourselves out in the garden in the rain... as long as the thunder don't strike us both first. Hmm... considering the fact that i am taller than Dommy.. i might just get fried in the garden itself ;)

My brain is fried. Most of the time its not there in the first place. hehhehee

Today i have a most unusual conversation with a buddy. *LOL* We were both discussing poo again :) I am the poo master beeeeeeeeeeeecos i have lotta questions about poos. I check my doggies poo everyday too in the garden to check on their health. I better explain myself before all of you start to throw-up... I mean.. not poking and going through the specimen... its just a quick look before i dispose of them hahhahahaha

The usual questions about our poo conversations would be..
1) Are they floaters or sinkers?
2) What color did you get today?
3) What's the stench rating?

It usually comes up pretty interesting and usually we will end up laughing.

When you can share poo stories with some people.. you know they will be great friends. I guess some of you would be now with mouths open and cannot believe what you are reading now... hahahahaha

My friends.. (very close ones) the bunch of us... were on a bus to KL a long time ago... as usual, young girls with nothing better to do on a bus... we decide to trade poo & fart stories.. hahhahahaa.. we actually had a very interesting and informative talk for 4 long hours. Most of the people on the bus couldn't believe their ears and were probably pissed with us. But who cares. We were young ;) We are allowed to have silly conversations and giggle like a bunch of hyenas.

My office mates, we do discuss poo stories too... hahhahahahaa.. How i miss that. Usually it would be our artists department at the back of the office. We trade poo stories quite often actually. Right Esther? hehehhehe.. I would usually shoot her a question like.. floaters or sinkers...? when i see her walk back from the loo.. with a straight face.. she will go.. floaters.. cos i had some sesame seed yesterday. And both of us will break off in laughter. I really miss those moments.

Some "refined" office mates like Anne will go.. SHUT UP! Don't be gross.. hahhahahahaha.. How gross can that be? We do this every single day.

Now.. when my office mates call me in the morning, they will ask me.. what's taking you so long to answer the phone. Then i will answer.. i was making chocolate cake. Then they will go.. wowwheeeeeeeeeeeeee.. really? When are you coming to the office again? Bring us some chocolate cakes laaa.. Then i will go.. err.. i was making "those chocolate cakes" in the loo. *lol* That will send them into YUCKS! SHUTUP! And that would be my highlight of the day.

Do you discuss poo with your loved ones? :)

This post really does show how shallow and fried my brain is lately.. hahahhahahaa.. but i do really make a pretty good chocolate mud cake. The real one i mean :D Baked ones.. real ones.. hhahahaha

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diyadeary said...

anny, u made my day! i keep on laughing especially the part when ur friend asking u what took u so long to pick up the phone! LOL!
erm.. i sometime did talk about the choc thing with my friend.. hehe..

diyadeary said...

lupe nk tny..
so, hujan ke tak?

kalau hujan, i'm jeles la! subang x hujan. so panas!

Unknown said...

usually good frens do talk about everything under the sun... and rain.. hehehhe.. ;)

and YES! we did have rain for a good 30mins.. don't be jeles :D

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

LOL Anny, this has to be a real crappy (pun intended) post la ...

Well, me and my buddy have no qualms talking about shitty (pun once again intended) stuff all the time ... hahaha ...

Unknown said...

hahaha.. i know u'll njoy crappy posts :D

and Spiffy.. i did have RAIN today.. cool eh? a good 30mins of rain... u guys in Subang.. hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

The greatest pleasure of man or beast
is to be able to with a ho and a heave
Give back to nature what nature calls
No matter at home, office or the mall

End of a totally crappy poem


deviousdiv said...

Crap talk has never fazed me. In fact, I think it can be quite interesting~

So by all means talk about your *ahem* chocolate cakes.

Since its poo story sharing time, my brother once swallowed some 5 10 cent coins. We ran to the GP, who said, we only need to worry if the 5 coins don't come out from the rear.

When the boy finally did his bizness, we had to poke the chocolate cakes to make sure all the coins had come out. Luckily, they were all there. :P


Unknown said...

With a ho and a heave? and a heave and a hohoho *lol*.. i like this poem :D thanks Stormy :*

Unknown said...

I did get u yesterday with the chocolate cake "thingy" hhahahahahhahahaa.. ROFL.. my latest "victim"

i am sure we do have a lot of crap stories to share Div.. hehehe.. thanks for stopping by and sharing ur crap story too!

Nessa said...

I posted something shitty in my blog a few months back. Dunno if we're oredi frens back then. But not to disappoint you, here's the link! (Cewahhhhh)

Potty Talk

Unknown said...

ya ka? No wonder we click :) now i go run over your side and read... wait ah