Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do ~ Neil Sedaka

This song does not bring breaking up sob stories to me but it kind of brings very happy memories.

When i was in my final year in college, during the late nights of slogging and doing all the final pieces for our presentation, i listened to this song over and over again. Sometimes whole nights.

My neighbours might be thinking i was going through some serious heartbreak.. *lol* But i was listening to it over and over again because i wanted to use it as a teaser for my so-called "product". In the end... i didn't manage to squeeze in the teaser.. hahhahahaa.. i got too ambitious with my project.

I still listen to this song quite a lot.. *lol* and dang! My neighbours would be thinking i am just an ole idiot still trying to get through a heartbreak :D

I'll play it loudly now... about ten times.. and then... tomorrow.. i'll go in the garden and put on my best sob face. The things i do to entertain myself. Where's Stormy when i really need a partner in crime.

2 woofs:

Anonymous said...

I will be playing the same song too...but different time zones neighbours are all hamsap looking males laaaa...cud backfire on me..hmm...


Unknown said...

hmmm... or... it will be to ur advantage if they start knocking on ur door.. hhahahahahahhaa