Have been doing some kinda dainty research on cameras these past few days. Daintly because i just manage to do a wee bit of research on the thing i wanted to buy.

I have been busy with my "boyfriend" for the past month. We have been real busy on a very feverish pace.. hehehe.. to achieve what some of the best did. So far.. we have not achieve it yet. Maybe i should just put this "boyfriend" aside first and move on to other work ;)

Am looking for a camera for papa. Recently... he has this sudden urge to take lotta pictures.. and with his sudden surge of many places to go with his friends, he probably earn himself a camera from me. He has a crummy ole nokia... and poor man trying to take pictures on it... and the most the nokia can take is maybe about 20 pictures. The pixels are not too great. And he does have a very good eye for photography. Our proof is the pictures he took of us when we were little :) Everyday he comes and show me a picture he took with his mobile. I kick myself and remind myself to go get him a better camera.. hhahahahhahaa

I got my eye on a Nikon (of course) for him. Big touch-screen. And pretty good functions. Am not too sure he can grasp the very complicated functions.. but what the heck rite? He has all the time in the world to learn it. We can go for a photography field trip tomorrow and catch some wonderful scenes for you.

As for now... i am going out to get the camera i saw last week ;) Shh... don't tell my papa i am buying the camera. He'll probably nag me for spending money... think i better get some ear plugs too.. hhehehehehhee...More about this later.

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Anonymous said...

Ur a good daughter...get ur papa the Nikon and i will send u one of those old type crank handled calculators...utterly useless as a calculator but makes a good conversation piece..


P/s: I will send u also some rocks from Damascus...at least 1000 years old. Been in my travel bag for ages..some trouble in airport xrays.

Unknown said...

Why would i need a crank handled calcutor jugoooooo? hhahahhaahhaaa.. i am not an accountant le..

Do accountants still use the crank handled calcutor?

my rocks.. u finally found it! yehoo yehooo.. i will treasure it forever! thank you u :)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Wah, really nice good daughter la you :D I think Canon makes some pretty good camera's with way better resolutions and so much lesser noise than the Nikons. Just an opinion :D

Unknown said...

Canon? aiks... the sales girl told me to get a Canon too.. from Fotokem.. but i told her i want this touchscreen one.. looks more cool and ez to handle.. i am utterly stubborn.. hahahaa..

and canon do give better colors :) dang! i shud have asked u first.. hahhahahaa.. but anyways... i always have photoshop.. i cud teach my papa photoshop too.. ;) thanks for ur opinion spiffy!

Unknown said...

i am not a good dotter le Spiffy.. actually owe my dad a birthday present.. since Feb.. *LOL* this is very belated and delayed..

yoon see said...

Great Anny, your dad will love it:)

Unknown said...

Yes.. he loved it! but still too afraid to use it.. hahaha.. give him some time..