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Hann is 3 months now. How time really flies lil one. Everyone at home can't wait to see your cute lil face soon :)

Today we develop all your pictures from Day One. We selected a total of almost 100 pictures... and it kinda burn a small hole in Anny's pocket.. hahahaha But.. the shop gave us 2 free 8R pictures. So now your beautiful face will grace our walls together with all our family pictures.

Grandpa does not have to go thru the computer to see your pictures each time he wants to look at your face now. He will just go through the album and catch up with your journey. He'll be seeing you real soon.

A Mother's Prayer ~ Rachel Aldous

Hann is a very precious one. My sister and hubby have waited a long time for him to come and fill their hearts and home with so much love. Now they have sleepless nights and rushed meals but their faces are filled with joy. Now their home lights up with love which only a little one have the power to do so. He is their tiny miracle and he has made them whole. Hann is Gift from God.

We try and protect our little ones. And for privacy reasons, we don't post his pictures here. Don't want him to get too famous like Dommy and PP who have their pictures all over the internet. Our apologies to the ones who have been following Bebe J's journey into this world.

2 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for such a beautiful and emotional song... brought tears to my eyes...Keep it up with the songs! I will create an album of songs just for the lil one esp from his special godmother.
He is indeed a miracle baby and he misses his grandpa, his godmother and everyone at home. Soon, he will be able to see you all.

Unknown said...

Soon :) very soon... can't wait can't wait :) Lil one with the bambi eyes.. can't wait to see u again.