Spiff the Spaceman (without his spacesuit)
If you see this character... in stripes... and a mean smile... with a ray gun in hand... runnnnnnnnnn... and make that fast! Cos he's gonna zap you.
His usual hangouts are Tescos.. but thank god Tescos do not allow ray guns :)
This is one of the websites i visit daily. Even when i was in my cave and supposedly resting and hibernating, i just can't miss visiting his site. I even have to go in disguise as a Pikachu to comment.. *lol* Cos he has one of the funniest rants ever on his many many sites ;) Do give him a visit. He'll either love you or zap you.
A note to Spiff:
Err.. don't mengembang too much :) I visit yours and Emi's daily :) hahhahaha.. err.. thanks for the photo i stole from your site. Got to live up to our thieving ways ;)

10 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

What's my handsome macho face doing here? LOL!

Ala Anny, now you've got everyone scared of me, but then it's a good thing ... be afraid, be very afraid ... muahahahahahahaha!

Well, thieves will be thieves ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Err.. dun be too prasan laa.. aiyaaaaaaa.. a bit prasan can oredi laa.. *lol*

its a lovely funny picture.. it shud be shared with all.. hahhahaa.. & more traffic is good ;) just be ready to get famous in tescos.. mebbe they'll even start to post this picture there.. :) yep.. thieves will be thieves!

emilayusof said...

woof! thanks anny for visiting daily!!! I wuv u!!

emilayusof said...

hehe spiffy tu dia nak ray gun Bem69 pulak coc Ben overtook his place in the top ec dropper!

Unknown said...

Ur site deserved to be visited daily Emi :) its full of inspiration!

Unknown said...

ya ka? Bem better be running very fast.. hhahahahahhaa

yoon see said...

You are such a great friend to spiff, visiting everyday.
Now, if you half close your eyes,
you also can spot a spiff for sure!

Sorry, I don't every visit your blog, emila's blog everyday.
I am caught up with the commenting.
So many different blogs to go.....
Whenever I am on line, my brother will say I am internet-mania....because we share the same computer at home.
He is angry that most of the times he can't use the computer if I am using it!

baincardin said...

haaa...dah kembang too much already. :) hehe.....

Unknown said...

haha.. yes yes YoonSee.. Spiff is a funny dude.. tats why reading his stuffs cracks me up... lightens our day somehow.

U dun need to apologise for not visiting and commenting yoonsee.. :) everyone has their things to do.. and life to lead.

Guess its time to save up for ur own lappy ;) then you dun need to fight for computer time.. hehe

Unknown said...

tarak kembang sangat la tu Spiff.. he's a level headed guy :)