And so... Lil Poo left today. He and his mommy went on their merry way after lunch. Dommy came back in... head down... tail down.. face drooped. Droopy ears... sad eyes... and flopped on his bed. I lifted his face and saw that it was all misty-eyed. I asked him if he missed his lil brother. He didn't answer me.

Poor guy. Dommy once had a twin. His name is Moet. Moet is with another family while we took Dommy. Both of them used to have lots of fun running up and down at the boarding home. We couldn't afford to take both of them even though it was hard to separate both twins. But it would be for the better.

I think maybe he has a problem with separation. Maybe he thinks that they are not coming back. Maybe that's why his face is so sad. I wonder if dogs are like humans. If they feel sadness... and does their heart break. All i know is that the thing that dogs need most are other dogs. They are almost always happy to have other fur friends around.

While PP is grinning his broad smile happily from the car... Dommy is all sad that he does not get to go too. Poor Dommy. Don't worry Dommy.. PP's gonna come back soon... next month. Real fast ya. Now you get all my undivided attention and you get all the treats too.

While this guy is all sad lying here... PP is happily in Kuala Lumpur.

urmmm.. he is catching up on his reading. He reads the BizWeek with his daddy every weekend. He is a most well informed doggy :) CU real soon lil Poo. Miss you already.

4 woofs:

Nessa said...

PP reads BizWeek??! Dat makes me feel so stoopid dum-dum ... cos I alwes takeout BizWeek from the main paper... the figures give me headaches! :(

Here's a hug for Dommy. Jan sedih-sedih... woof! woof!

Unknown said...

Ya.. hhahhahahaha.. PP reads BizWeek.. sometimes he reads Female too.. to check out the latest fashions for his mommy :) he is almost human :D

thanks for the hugs Auntie Nessa *sniff sniff*

Nessa said...

Shush... don call me auntie la Dommy... call me sista!! LOL!

Unknown said...

hahhahaa.. Sista Supa Riddler Genius :)