Many moons ago, my father bought me a full set of an analog camera. With a camera bag to carry all my stuffs in it too. It was a Praktica. Way back then... to buy a set of analog camera costs just as much as what i spent today on the red Nikon number. I don't know how my father managed it back then... but he bought me the camera when i wanted it.

My father is a teacher and teaching don't really pay that much. And if you have a family to support, its really not that easy for him to cough up that extras on that month to buy me something just for a subject in college. It was a very expensive subject.

Art college is expensive on its own.

I had three lenses.. a standard, wide and a telephoto. I love my telephoto lens. Most of the time i am with that and going all over town taking pictures with it. But taking pictures were costly. A roll of film cost a few bucks.. and to develop... it was more cash on the flow.

All our lives, he has given me and my sisters a lot. He used to cycle many miles to teach tuition. And when he got paid, he never forgets to take us out for ice-cream treats at Green Fern and Maxims. Those were the best places to have ice-creams way back then. And that's where i had my chocolate scoop of ice-cream. Come to think of it.. its always the four of us kids who had ice-creams... i don't remember mom and dad ever having anything. They just sat with us and watch us eat.

My very happy childhood which i will never exchange for anything in a million years. Except for mebbe my big sister the big bully.. hahahhahahaa.. which i manage to counter and fight back when she pushed me too far one day. It was hilarious to see her run the other way... and very fast too. But now she's actually a very nice person.. hahhahahaa.. she has a very good heart.

I am very happy today when i bought the camera. Even though its not the very high-end model of a compact camera, it was in my budget at the moment. Kinda have a very happy feeling because i was able to give something back to my father. A gift of photography that he unconciously gave me.. which i am able to repay today.

4 woofs:

diyadeary said...

i know the feeling. so great kan dapat bagi something for our most beloved person.. :)

they dont care how much the price; the value of thought are more than that.. ;)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I went to an art college and I know how much the fees cost, damn expensive la!

And you kasi bully your big sister back? Gee and I thot I was a bully ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Yea.. the supplies were really expensive... hahahaa.. but great fun in college... i never forget my years there!

I chased my big sis with a broom.. out of extreme fear and to protect my lil sister.. hahahhahaha.. she never did bully me ever after that... hahahhaa.. u shud see how fast she can run.. hahahhaa.. so much for big bullies.

Unknown said...

Hello Diya ;) Glad you are back home.. and all smiley faces again.. you take it easy girl.