Beautiful Morning. Bain shared this with us today.
Thank you Bain. This is very beautiful. I am a fan of William Blake.

I didn't know you love poetry too. I don't write my own poetry but i love to find them and keep them. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

And now we pay tribute to my HDR buddy :)

baincardin said...

This poetry reminds me of one of my poetry collection from : "World Poetry - An Anthology of Verse From Atiquity To Our Time" :)

and i would like to dedicate this simple poetry by William Blake (1757-1827),page 699, to Anny and to all bloggers yg singgah blog Anny sini ;)

To find the Western Path
Right thro' the Gates of Wrath
I urge my way;
Sweet Mercy leads me on:
With soft repentant moan
I see the break of day.

The war of swords & spears
Melted by dewy tears
Exhales on high;
The Sun is freed from fears
And with soft grateful tears
Ascends the sky.

17 April, 2009 10:03

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baincardin said...

OMG! Anny, you post my comment in ur blog? Adussssss......thanks a lot Anny. me really luv poetry, and i write poetry indeed. :) tapi tak banyak laa....sikit² je. Ikut mood. :)

Here's d link re my poetry dat i wrote+inspired by myself, tought dat i'd like to share ;)

"My Instinct" is one of my favorite from my very own book-My Shakespeare ;)


Unknown said...

hahhahaa.. terkeno jugo engkau. Its a beautiful one to be shared with all.

I have read most of your poems on baincardin :) Long time ago.. hahaha..when i stumble on your site from Emila. Saja take mengomen then.. hehhee.. karang free sikit.. baru kuat mengomen.

Later.. bila bz.. tak bole singgah blogs sangat jugo.

baincardin said...

haaa....buat kerja tu dulu. jgn sampai kantoi dgn bos, hehe...:)

Unknown said...

ye ye.. hahahhaa.. habislaa saya kalu boss saya baca ini nanti.. *lol*

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Banyaknya post! I miss your blog and your great postings Anny.. since Aki busy, tak sempat nak buka blog kawan2...

Anyway, you and bain boleh jadi besfren sebab suka bende yang sama! hehe... bain tuh jiwanya romantis! Bertuah tunang dia.. hehe...

Unknown said...

Bain and i mesti bole jadi best fren :) krana kita sedang demam.. hahhahahahaa... Dr Ayama pon belum bagi ubat untuk demam kita... hehehe

Bain jiwanya romantics. She's one lucky girl to find him & vice versa jugo :) Lagi 2 bulan lagi.. Bain kahwin.. Yey!

baincardin said...

yay! besfren!!!:)

huh?...lagi 2 bulan bain nak kawin? ;)

Unknown said...

hehee.. tiba tiba kita jadi best buddy jugo.. :)

yele.. bulan June Bain kahwin kan? or was it someone else pulak.. alamak!

baincardin said...

hahaaa....wrong answer! :) siapalaa buat spekulasi bain kahwin bulan june ni ek??? heeeee.......;)

Unknown said...

Bukan you ko? hahahahhaa.. must be some other kengkawan blogger.. *lol* tapi u pon tak lama jugo laaa.. jgn le tunggu lama-lama :) girls cannot wait too long.. hahaha