This is a weekend rant. Here i was having my lunch with Boy at a restaurant. Happily sipping my coffee and looking around. Then i saw it. YUCKS!

Right in front of me there was these 2 young couple. One couple was sitting extremely close to each other (get a room la.. hahahhahahaha)... the girl was flicking her hair, seductively to her boyfriend. Kinda like trying very hard to be seductive. *LOL* These kind of actions always cracks me up when girls try too hard to be sexy, they end up looking ridiculous. But that's not it.

She was holding a pair of chopsticks. And licking the chopsticks like it was some crummy lollipop. Dang! She was licking and turning the chopsticks like there was a spot of honey on the chopsticks. I sat with my mouth open :o amazed.. and tickled.

Then i looked at her chopsticks... it was blue. I looked at mine... it was the same blue too. I swallowed my saliva hard. That really puts me off. She was still licking and licking the chopsticks. *LOL*

Her boyfriend was eating a plate of noodles. After her spot of continuous licking, she jams her chopsticks in his food. Dang! That's really unhygenic. But i guess the boyfriend don't really mind.. hahhahahhahaa.. Young people in love.

I should probably mind my own business and concentrate on my own food. But the thought of the same blue chopsticks really puts me off my own food.

That's soft porn on a sunny day. Next time i'll just pack my food back.

Would you share your food with your other half if they were licking and licking their chopsticks continuously before that? hahhahahahaa.. i'll probably just give it to him to eat instead.

Once i had a friend who would just jam his chopsticks or fork into other people's food. I hated that. If you are not my other half or my family members, don't go jamming your utensils into my plates. Its only common courtesy.

Call me a hygenic freak but today's free show was just too much to stomach on a beautiful Saturday.

Hope that Spiffy would lend me his Hot Site to rant on further.

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