Ha! This title must be very familiar to some. That is if you have read the book by Mitch Albom and his Tuesdays with Morrie. One of my favourites too.

But my Tuesdays are a bit different.

I am lazy bum... and never an early riser. I love to sleep in until about 8am or a +- of about 15mins more sometimes if i don't have to do any marketing :) The the good life rite? hehehee

Tuesdays. I have to wake up at 6.55am.. *lol* And why 6.55am to be exact? So that i will have a good 10mins to brush my teeth and spruce up before Aini comes.

Aini comes to help me clean the house on Tuesdays. She has been helping our household for quite a long time. Ever since i was a kid, i remember she comes to iron our clothes. A few years ago, mom re-hired her and she helps her to clean the house.

She's a wonderful lady. Sometimes while she's doing the cleaning... we chat a lot. She tells me some things about our garden and how mum asked her where to plant the hibiscus. She tells me about her kids and everything around her too. I like her presence on Tuesdays because she is a very kind lady. She works very hard to put food on her table. Before she comes to my home, she goes very early to another house to wash clothes. That's how hard life is for her.

I usually don't mind how she cleans the house. As long as someone is helping me to keep the house in order, i don't watch her like a hawk.. hahhhahahaha.. She knows what to do and i just help her to lift all the stuffs. On Tuesdays, i do some bits of gardening too (but my fingers are not green)... cos on any other day.. i will be snoozing away. hhahahahhahahaa.. Yes i am super lazy.

Her dream is to have her own house and to do her pilgrimage to Mecca one day. I am sure she will make it to Mecca one day. God willing. Without her to help me, my house here would be like Sahara Desert :D

Sometimes i wonder why the poor is still very poor in my country while the rich are getting richer and greedier. But that's life. Don't forget the little people.

This is Aini's ride to work :) She tells me this old bicycle... even though its old.. its super fast. She was telling me that she bought a newer bike but it seems to be slower by halftime. This is a relic on its own. Nice ah?

8 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

You're right, that is a classic bike. I don't see many more left these days and your Aini is right, it is super fast :D

Unknown said...

It is it is a classic.. but she almost got herself killed when the front part of the bicycle gave way to rust.

But it is smooth and fast. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Aini fulfills her dream to go to Makkah...till then maybe some of items from Makkah can come to her :)

Unknown said...

You have already fulfilled some of her dreams.

baincardin said...

cantik laa gambar ni! The Green Bicycle. :)

Unknown said...

basikal ni macam menghilang di alam kehijauan.. hehe

Aki (kotakitam) said...

I heart Aini. Sounds like a superb lady! Send my regards to her ye Anny?


Unknown said...

She is humble and very nice. Works hard and i respect people like her. She's like a link to the memories here in my home.. when she spends time with mom.
Thanks for dropping by Fai... now go back to the cave and work on the Flash.. hehehe.. Yang Penting tu Important.