He came, he saw, he p**, he left (and he did leave a lot of "markings" on his usual places) hahhahahaha.. PP oh PP.. my dear lil brother... as always... he will want to leave his markings to make his presence known. For a small fella, he does have a big bladder.
Lonely... i m so lonelyyyyyyyyyy... i have nobodyyyyyyyyyyyy... out on my ownnnnnnn..

When will i see you again oh brother.. :(

I'll go and check on grandpa first... maybe i'll go and nap in his room.. his room is much cooler... and i get to lick grandpa's toes when he is sleeping. Grandpa is lonely too. Two less lonely souls in this world... we'll just stick together. I love my grandpa.

My grandpa takes me for long walks... and he's usually very generous with his breakfast n teatime. He always shares his food with me. Oops! that is suppose to be our secret... cos dogs are suppose to eat dog food... that's what Dr Dhillon says. *shush* dun tell Dr Dhillon.

me go call it a nite now... goodnite good friends :) goodnite PP. I better go sneak into grandpa's room before they close the door.. *shush*

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emilayusof said...

Hehe he's cute though!