I was thinking very hard just now.. very very hard.. (i hardly think much nowadays) hahhahahaa.. October seems quite a distance away.. and i might even pop by then.

So.. first time Bain Cardin of the famous Bain's Fever tag me... i'll have to respect his wishes and honour his tag. *ahem*

1. "tampal gambar korang" (post your picture)

2. "explain kenapa korang pakai baju dalam gambar tersebut" (explain why you are wearing the clothes in the picture..)
Err.. why ka? because its my favourite tee and i really don't have many clothes here. Most of my clothes still in Kuala Lumpur. *lol*

My apologies to Bain, Emi and Diya. *lol* I don't have many pictures taken of myself. Only maybe about less than 10. And i am too shy to face all of you. Maybe if i do a facelift and a nose job and a complete makeover... by october... i'll gather enough courage to face the world :D hehehehheheee..

lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww self esteem *lol*

ooppps! I forgot to tag others... In the true spirit of Bain's Fever... i'll tag my friends below :)

Spiffy (hope to see your new hairstyle)

this is how i look from the front view...
how to face all of you if i have a face like this ;p
i have a face only a mother and a moo will love.. hehehe

22 woofs:

Anonymous said...

About Anny

Though u always try to shy away
the pretty face I first knew in May
Nobody ever could resist your infectious laugh
Though ur life is sometimes, very tough

The Anny I know will always be kind
to others and strangers, u never did mind

A creative soul with wild imaginings a loving companion even from the beginning

I am proud to be her Stormy as such a beautiful person is this Anny.


(hahaha i know i know..a corny poem laa..but Anny ownt mind)

Mariuca said...

Thanks for the early morning tag sweetie, TGIF! :)

baincardin said...

Anny! thanks a million!

so unique+creative you amik gambar from that angle. :) bain x paksa anny jawab tag bain ye, just suka² saja...;) Oct seems too far from you haaa...? :)

Unknown said...

aiya.. when did u moderate this comment.. hhahahahahaa..
i forgot u got access to this site.. *lol*

tks Stormy! corny betui.. hahhahaaha

Unknown said...

ur welcome Marzie :) dun work too hard and too late! Have a great weekend with B.

Unknown said...

Bain mana ada paksa jugo... it was done willingly.. hehehhe

Oct.. too far away even though i am working 4 months ahead.. mungkin dah kantoi by then.. *LOL*

this is just a simple tag.. but fun.. am waiting for the rest to show themselves :)

tks again Bain!

baincardin said...

waah...me too Anny! can't wait to see others reply my tag. esp the 1st rule tu...:)

Unknown said...

hahahaa.. a lot of them will be hiding jugo like me.. cos we like an air of mystery jugo.. ;)

Aziha said...

i like the pic..u took from the back..hahahha...finally..u did this tag..Oct still u have to do..because we wanna see the makeover version...*giggle*

woof/...woof.. :)

Unknown said...

halo Jia,

Kawan yg ambik ni.. hahaha.. usually i m the one with the camera.. :) malu malu kucing kononnya.. hahhahaa..

oct ka? takyah dah laa.. kita suda answer tag ni jugoooooooo..

baincardin said...

hehee...betul la jia!

hmm...patutnya 1st rule tu bunyinya kena letak camni..."tampal gambar korang...gambar korang dari depan!" heee........;)

bem69 said...

alamak, sudah kene tag hahaha, baiklah akan saya usahakan Anny.

Gambar bag je ni

Unknown said...

Too late Bain.. *LOL*

even if u put ..."tampal gambar korang...gambar korang dari depan!" kita ada ways to go around it :)

think outta the box kan?

Unknown said...

Hey Jeeb :) TGIF!
yep yep.. ini bag kegemaran sayo jugo... hhahahaa.. bag ni famous jugo.. kononnya..

bem69 said...

Anny apasal bag ni famous cite sikit?

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Stormy... nice poem...

Anny... don't be too shy lah... u r beautiful in my eyes... :)

baincardin said...

hehe...so clever you are! :) Pinjam ayat Yoda Bem jap ;)

yelaaa....what's d story about anny? citer skit...:)

Unknown said...

Err.. beg ini famous.. krana.. i take it everywhere i go... when i am travelling *lol*
Terkeno jugo Jeeb and Bain :D
Tak la famous sangat le.. hehehe saja nak kenakan engkao Jeeb.

Unknown said...

btw.. beg ini FREE and lotta compartments... :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem and I agree with everything u said abt Anny. She is indeed a wonderful person and a great sis one could ever wish 4...

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

How can like that? Take picture from the back. Like this I will take from the top la ... LOL! Thanks for the tag :D I'll get this done soon, really, I promise, like maybe next century ... LOL! Just kidding Anny, I'll get this done soon :D

Unknown said...

Can can.. i just did.. hahhahahahaa.. and posted too.

I was hoping you'll take from the top too.. so i can check out ur new "ahem" fashionable hairstyle :P

even Bem took it from the back.. hahhahahahahhaha