We wish to thank all of you who came by and left some kind thoughts for me. I am getting much better and enjoying my steam chicken and ham.. yes.. HAM. I am also handfed every meal. I think i should milk it a few more days more right?

They come in a bright pink, a dull green and two very white whites. Pills. I don't like to eat my pills... and they taste nasty. Each time i eat them, they put me to sleep. Nasty pills. These group of pills are nasty fellas. She says that i must eat them to make me feel better.

Missy v-e-t fed me my pills in the clinic the other day. She just shoved them in my throat and closed my mouth. She did it 4 times. She did it so fast that i didn't know what happened. But my Anny couldn't do the same thing. She is awfully scared of my sharp teeth. *BOL* She is also awfully scared that i would choke. She is such a scardy cat. I think she's been mixing with the cats too much to make her scardy.

When i was at the v-e-t place, i was very brave. I didn't try to make myself invicible. I just lie on her lap and waited for my turn. Its a new clinic and there's two v-e-ts there. They are awfully nice too except for the part where she put the termometer up my behind and the part where they jab me with the awful needle.

The weather's not getting any better. We still have the extreme heat and smog filled air. No rain at all. We have got to the point where we try to create our own rain by doing the rain dance. It didn't help. Just dry and very dry air. Some clouds but no rain.

My brother lil P has gone back home with his mommy last weekend. The weather was slowing him down too. He was lying around panting quite a bit. His fur is much much thicker than mine and his mommy decided its best he go home. The weather in Kuala Lumpur is much better. He left his old bed behind.

When i miss Mr Piper, i lie on his bed and think about him. *sighhhhhhhhhhh* I wonder if he is having steam chicken too.

We were both with Sumomo for a day last week when they went on a short roadtrip. We had a good time at Sumomo. I even got to meet Momo. If you need a place to stay while your hoomans are away on holiday, stay with Sumomo. They are very nice people.

They even took pictures of both Mr P and me. We are now famous because we are on some very famous thing called Facebook.

picture courtesy from Sumomo

picture courtesy from Sumomo

We read a very interesting post on our friend Sugar's site today. Her mommy wrote a very good post on the Golden Age. Both Sugar and i are at our senior years. We are both 9. Do head over there and read about it. My Boy just told me that next year when i get to 10, i will be older than grandpa. Oh boy. 

My Boy will be with me for another one more month and then he will be off to university. He got himself into medical school. Hope he will enjoy his university days and become a good doctor one day. We are all very proud of him here. He is still a very lazy bum who doesn't like to get up in the morning but we all love him with all our hearts. I better make the most of my boy's time with me. He does the best tummy scritches. I wonder if he'll leave his bed for me too. Hmmm...

Meantime... it is really very warm to lie down on beds in the afternoons. Even with the AC on, i am just lying on the cold floors.

Till then, thank you again for all your kind thoughts and comments. I will be better soon.

woofs n licks,

16 woofs:

How Sam Sees It said...

We are glad to hear that you are on the mend! It sounds like you've had some major changes going on there.


The Daily Pip said...

Oh Dommy, I am so worried about you! The weather sounds nasty. It's very hot here, but we don't have the bad air. Please take of yourself!

My mom doesn't like giving me pills either. She is always afraid of me choking. She usually crushes them up and puts them in food.

Gosh, that's exciting about your boy going off to University. Best of luck to him. I am sure he will do GREAT!

Your pal, Pip

Sandee said...

I love Sugar too. Our dog Little Bit will be 9 in October. She's a senior too. You all are so precious to us.

I'm praying that it will rain soon so the air is better.

Have a woof woof day. :)

Pebbles said...

Good to hear you're getting better Dom :D Urmmm, you got anymore of that ham, kah? That cheapo spaceman doesn't get me nice food like that la! Get that human of yours to posraju (I think that's what they call it) some here la ...

the booker man said...


i'm so glad that you were feelin' well enough to paw a post!! even though those meddies are icky, they must be helpin' you...not to mention the steamed chickens 'n hams...yummy yummers!
when i have to take meddies, i like it when my mama puts them in a pill pocket. do you have those over there? it's this little tasty piece of squishy goodness with a hole in the middle. you put the pill in the hole and then squish the hole shut. i can't see the pill anymore, and it tastes grrreat!
anywho, we read miss sugar's post today, too, and it was a really good informational. my big sis asa will be turnin' 9 in october, so she made sure mama was takin' good notes. teehee.
pretty please keep feelin' better and stay cool in the A/C refreshments out of the icky smog!

the booker man

Chicco said...

Hello Dommy!
I'm so sorry to know that you weren't good. I hope that now you are better. Yes i know that sometimes pills are bad but you have to take them for your health.
I'm sorry that your friend Piper came back but maybe it's better for him if he suffers the heat too much. Take care.
Have a nice weekend, my friends.
Woof, woof,


BeadedTail said...

We're glad you're feeling better! We enjoyed Sugar's post today too since I'm a senior dog at 10 1/2! Enjoy those tummy scritches while your boy is home!

Oskar said...

What great news that you are doing better. We will keep you in our prayers!

Nubbin wiggles,

houndstooth said...

I hope all the pills do make you feel better! It's tough taking those pills sometimes.

We saw your human's notebook pictures on Pip's blog and it looks so cool!

Enjoy your month with your boy before he goes off to school!


Anonymous said...

Dear Domy, I will make sure to bring extra treats on my next visit to you soon...get well soonest!


Ann said...

those v.e.t.s. are so much better at giving pills than mommies are. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Hopefully you'll get a break from that heat soon.
How exciting about your boy, best of luck to him in his studies to become a doctor.

yuki and rocket said...

Wow, tell the boy congrats on being accepted to med school, that's a very noble profession. the world is always in need of more doctors! Oh and mom told me the way my grandpa used to give moms childhood dogs their medicine is to trick them into eating it by putting it in a big glob of peanut butter. He'd get a big spoonful of peanut butter and push the pill to the middle of the spoon and the dogs would lick lick lick and they'd unknowingly lick the pill right up. Get plenty of rest and take your meds dommy :)
yuki and rocket

Unknown said...

Oh its such wonderful news to know that you are feeling better!! I understand about taking pills - Fred isnt really enjoying taking his either but hiding them in a turkey hot dog or cheese normally works and if he is really good I put it in cream cheese his favorite :)

Thank you for stopping by and sending us your kinds words.

Remington said...

Great news! Take care....

Kristine said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing better, even if you still have pills and vets to deal with. It's all worth it right?

Those photos are quite lovely! Thank you so much for sharing. And take care of yourself, eh?

Mariuca said...

OMG fluffy nye! Get well soon, woof! :):):) TGIF Anny! :D:D