We apologise for the lack of posts and visits lately. Its been 2 weeks since our last post. We have been here and there and somewhere. "Someone" thought that we got kidnapped. *LOL*

The weather's really really bad here. Lots of haze and no rain. Choking smog-like haze. Each year, around this time, we'll be hit with haze from open forest fires in Indonesia. It is an inconvenience and a crisis to have such unhealthy air each and every year at this time. There seems to be no solution to the inconvenience.

Its warm and dry and the throats get dry and loads of people get sick. Asthmatic people get attacks and more and more people at the clinics.

Curly's not well.

We were just back from the vet this morning. He is having a blocked nose and a very high fever. He was sneezing the whole night yesterday and he drank lots of water. He has not been eating his food for days. But he had some bits of food when i force feed him.

The vet had to give him a jab as his fever is very high. We still don't know if its the weather that is causing him to be sick or if its something else. Poor guy even yelped when the vet gave him a jab. The vet did say the jab was going to be painful.

The vet says that i should give him steam chicken breast. Curly's eyes lighted up when he heard that. That's one of his favourite food. He has to have something in his stomach before he eats the meds.

He is feeling much better after the jab. He even asked for some food.

Dom is never sick. At least the four years that he is with me, he is never sick. He is quite a robust dog. Always happy and always hungry and jumping. Never sick. He is always smiling and happy. I guess age is surely catching up on him.

Hopefully the haze will clear up soon.

We went to a vet nearer to our home this time. He seems okay with this new vet. His yearly visit to his usual vet for his distemper jabs is quite a distance away.

His weight still stands at 9.3kgs. Still a bit overweight Missy Vet says. Oh my. And he hasn't been eating well for a few days.

Now we gotta feed the Curly his food and meds. We'll be around soon to visit all of you.

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Spiffy said...

Hope the little tyke gets well soon. Yes, this yearly haze problem can be a real bitch! Something really needs to be done la.

Tell Dommy to save some of that chicken for me too, I love chicken ... LOL!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Oh dear, that's not good. We hope he feels better soon....the chicken should help.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

So sorry your under the weather. I been sick too and it's no fun. So awful that you gotta put up with that nasty smoggy air.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Oh!!! Sending you Lots of Golden Thoughts and LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

The Daily Pip said...

Wow, that haze sounds really dangerous. My mom has asthma so she would be in trouble.

I am so sorry Dommy is having a hard time. If only I had known, I would have put something in my post today. My paws are crossed that he feels better soon and the haze clears! Take care!

Your pal, Pip

P.S: The post is up!

Sandee said...

I hope the babies and you feel better soon. I hate it when our babies are not feeling good. It also sounds like your hazy weather isn't helping either. I live in California and some years there are fires all over the place. I can so relate to the awful air.

Have a smoke free day. Tummy scritches to the babies. :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon...Dommy...lots of love and cuddles from us here...

Unknown said...

Oh no so osrry to hear that, I hope he feels better soon, we will send good vibes and keep our paws crossed. Thank you for stopping by and giving us your kind words about Fred.

Kristine said...

Yikes, that's awful. I hope he feels more like himself soon and doesn't have to be jabbed anymore. Take care of yourselves!

the booker man said...


awww, dude, i don't like seein' you with the sickies at all. :(((
pretty please keep relaxin' and snoozin'. i know that yummy delish chicken will help you feel the betterment, too!
i'm savin' a whole baggie of our treatsies just for you! when you are back to 100%, come on over for an all-you-can-nom buffet of delishiosity!! :D

*woofs 'n healy vibes*
the booker man

Ann said...

aw poor Dom. sure hope he's feeling better soon.

Asta said...

Hello sweet fwiends
I wead aboput youw Mom's awt wowk on Pip
s bloggie and wanted to come intwodooce myself
I'm so vewy sowwy about youw dweadful aiw and most of all that cuwly is ill.
I live in Manhattan and ouw tempewatoowes awe unbeawabully hot this week..we can only go fow showt walks.
I am sending heling smoochie kisses

yuki and rocket said...

Wow, that weather/atmosphere doesn't sound like fun at all! No wonder poor dommy is not feeling too well...take care dommy, I don't like you not wanting to eat!

Wyatt said...

Sorry you are not feeling well, Curly. Get well soon.

Wyatt and Stanzie

Nessa said...

alololo... cian Dommy :( Here hugsy, hugsy. ask lotsa noms noms from Anny k. get well soon!! *flying kisses*

Happy.Bark.Days said...

All that smog can certainly be very detrimental to both humans and canines. Let's hope the weather changes for the better very soon and that the haze will lift up. Meanwhile, we're all wishing Dommy a fast recovery. Get better little guy!

BeadedTail said...

Oh noes! We're sure hope Dommy gets well soon! We're crossing paws and purring for him!