Kinda stumbled upon this. It reminded me of Dom. We don't have a piano in this house but this is probably what he would do if we had one.

Dommy is kinda attached to me at the hip. As he gets older and his eyes are getting not too great, he is more insecure. When he sleeps he's like an ole engine sputtering away. He gets worried when i go out. He gives me this very sad eyes. He'll start howling when my car is gone. Dad gets worried too when i go out. He's afraid to be alone. But he doesn't howl :o

We didn't know Dom howls his sadness till we were on holiday at my sister's house. When i went out... he started to howl. My sister was in another part of the house and was wondering what was howling and she found Dom. The only time he ever howled was when my mom passed away. He let out a very long sad howl. It sounded kinda spooky.

I know Dom loves me a lot. More than i love him. When i am feeling sad, i just hold on to him and bury my face in his fur. He seems to understand. Sometimes he licks my tears away.

Dogs have a deeper understanding of things and matters that are closest to the heart. Humans will never quite get near that.

I wish to thank all of you and your kind words. Things will fall into place. There's a beginning and there's an ending. I will be ready when it ends.

Hopefully i'll catch up with all of you one day soon.

The shelter where i spend my weekends are having a Christmas Bazaar. If you are in my town... and am around on the 1 & 2 of December.. do drop by and support us. Its held at a cafe where girls are allowed to burp and its okay for men to giggle.

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The Daily Pip said...

Dogs know when we need them most ...Dom will always be by your side when you need him.

Lots of love, Pip

P.S: I hope the holiday bazaar goes well!

Sandee said...

Yes our babies are way smarter than we give them credit for.

I loved the video. I just pretended it really was Dom.

Have a terrific day. Big healing hugs. Scritches to Dom. :)

georgia little pea said...

Sounds like my neighbours' dog, Millie. Howls like clockwork every time the front door closes on her. Thankfully, it doesn't go on for much longer than 10 minutes ;) x

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We dogs are professionals at helping you deal with sadness!!

Have a great time burping...

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Ann said...

that video is so funny. I bet that Dom could do that number much better

houndstooth said...

Our dogs have gotten more clingy as they get older, too. It's hard to watch them age so much faster than we do. I am glad that you and Dom have each other!

Good luck with the Bazaar! I hope you have a great turn out!

Nessa said...

Morning Anny!

Aww.. what a sweet dog, such awesome talent! I'd sound horribly awful if I did that ... coz my howls ain't cute... hahaha

Actually any curly wurly looking dog reminds me of Dom and I automatically call him/her Dom... LOL!

Kesian Dom. He must hv missed you terribly. Dogs are really awesome creatures. When I finally get to move back to my hometown for good, I'm gonna adopt as many stray dogs as I can... cos the yard is quite big.

Happy Friday, Anny. Things will fall into place.

I like the cafe's name... Burps n Giggles.

Cotton said...

You guys look fun! Cool video
Drop by and visit me:)

sprinkles said...

Merry Christmas!