Its been a week since we have a little one with us here in our home. And this little one is like an energizer bunny. If you don't remember what's an energizer bunny... here's it.

They just go on and on and on and on... *LOL* Its really been a while since we have had a toddler at home. The last kid we have in the house with a diaper and wrecking havoc is already a 12 year old girl now. I think i have even forgotten how to fold a cloth diaper.

Jai is a really a wonderful change for all for us. Every little thing he does makes my father happy. My father laughs so much these few days. They were both listening to youtube to some gummi bear song and both dancing away. Jai in his high chair and dad sitting beside him. It was a sight.

This lil one does know that everyone loves him. But he still clings on to his mom and dad cos he's still quite wary of us. *LOL* Its only been one week since he got home. It took four adults to feed him tonite. One to hold him down... one to feed him... another to entertain him and one more to pick things up from the floor. Even Dom has decided to hide in the room. He is actually quite afraid of this tiny guy who keeps pointing at him and go yada yada yadaaaa... and laughs. Jai speaks in some strange babble that none of us can understand. He just goes yada yada yadaaa most of the time.

When he cries... he goes abuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu abuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. *LOL*. I wonder who is abu or what is abu.

With five adults and one curly in the house, we still deplete our batteries at the end of the day. This lil one will still be dancing around.. its amazing how much energy is stored in this tiny little guy. When he goes and have a nap in the afternoon, we are all actually quite relieved... and almost on tiptoe so as not to wake him up.. hahhahahahhaaa.. that's how tired we are.

The weather is not really helping much too. Both father and son is melting like butter in the afternoon. They are so drowsy with the heat. The weather is so hot and dry... and getting warmer and warmer as days go by. I hope Spiffy will do his raindance and get us some rain soon :)

I am not sure what i've written up above.. hahahhahaa.. i am just babbling away... my mind's tired. But this will be a good Chinese New Year for us :) If i don't do any postings these few days... its because i am overwhelmed with family love :)

Have a great holiday and drive safe if you are going to be on the road. We are finally... am home for Chinese New Year this year. Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!

I hear fireworks... and its 1am. Oh ya.. Piper's coming home tomorrow. YehooooooooooooooooOOOO

Piper home tomorrow? WooooooOOOOoooof!

10 woofs:

baincardin said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

*Mercun adalah sangat merbahaya dan Bain tak menggalakkan semua org bermain mercun. Ingatlah orang² tersayang...^_^

Anonymous said...

Abuuuu Abuuuu...monkey in sinbad?

hahahaha have a great CNY Anny..

Happy Valentines Day too..with all loved ones beside u...minus one (but with u always).


Spiffy said...

Hahaha ... nice way of crying. Maybe one day when he's older, you ask him la who Abu is ... LOL!

And kids NEVER run out of batteries la!

Unknown said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too Bain... mercun memang bahaya.. aku tak suka jugaaaaaaaaaaa...

Unknown said...

monkey in sinbad? hehhehehe.. oh yaaaaaaa.. you are so right :)

thanks Stormy :D

happi bervalentine to you too with yours :)

Unknown said...

Abu... Abuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. hhahahahaa.. he only calls out to Abu.. and no one is named Abu at home.. *LOL*

ya.. they NEVER run out of batteries.. just the physical batteries for toys are always out.

Nessa said...

i think i've heard dis 'Abuuuuuuuu' cry before. one of my niece/nephew cry laik dat oso... hehehe

Hapi to hear everyone is happy... one big happy famili... ahhhhh, so nice :D

Unknown said...

abuuuuu abuuuuuu? Pelik tuu tak pernah dengar macam tu anny..

Abu - monkey Aladdin..

or Prince Abooboo - macam Jaafar sebut kot.. hehehe

Budak-budak kecil memang tenaga dia banyak, penat uruskan mereka.

Mlm CNY, jiran lorong sebelah tembak mercun..

okaylahh no hal

and satu lagi round.. aiyoo terperanjat.. dan satu lagi dan satu lagi and satu lagi.. setiap satu kira siri banyak letupan2 kecil yang ending dia akan meletap kuat like perayaan tahun baru di KLCC, macam brooom brooom broomm praang prangg BAMMMMMM!!! . Aiyo one two okay la, but 5 siri, berapa banyak letupan and it was 1.00 am and above. It was damn loud, at the end, ada orang sound sebab too loud, some jiran anak2 kecil dah melalak sebab terkejut tgh mlm. Other people yang celebrate CNY pun dah bising.

I think people would mind those small mercun, but to bang like those klcc, in neigbourhood street, too loud and dangerous la. I think kalau masuk 6 mau all the neighbour jerit2 gila tension. LOL : D

Kesian ada jiran tuu, kereta alarm dia asyikkk berbunyi je bila mercun letup..

energizer, ahahh bunny tuuu memang memori tuu. : D

Unknown said...

Your niece/nephew also cries like tat? hehhehee.. tats funny.. hahahahahhahaa maybe its a hidden message.. urmm.. pelik jugo

everyone is happy.. and very tired.

Unknown said...

pelik kan Rizal.. Abu memang monyet Aladdin :)

urmm.. Prince Abooboo tu sapa pulak ni.. hhahahahhaa

yesterday nite.. mercun banyak and very long.. cos its Hokkien CNY...the mercuns only begin at 12.. giler.. orang semua dah tido.. kasi terperanjat katak jugak..

i memang suka biler car alarm goes off when mercun meletups.. its like a chain reaction.. hahhahahaa..