A good start and training them from young. The above is Jai's cot with a pack of cards all strewn over his bed. We are teaching him gin rummy and blackjack. *LOL* In my family, even the smallest kid knows how to gamble during Chinese New Year.

Urmm.. we didn't teach him how to gamble. hehehhee.. But he sure love to crush all the cards and throws them out of his cot while grumbling and babbling away.

We are still very tired (its the age thing) but with a very happy and fast toddler in the house, Jai is draining all of us out. Today we finally moved his cot into his room. It is much safer than him crawling and trying to walk all over the house. He even tried to poke Dom's face. The dogs are actually petrified of this lil one. *LOL*

He tried to give Dom a hug the first few days he arrived. That kinda spooked Dom and in a reflex action, Dom bumped his face on Jai and that sent one dog running and a kid crying. Dogs can be very gentle with kids but we really do not want to test their patience. Especially on these very warm and hot hot extra hot days, don't even try to test their patience.

There's only so few days left before the London worm goes back to his home. Blogging even takes a backseat nowadays. Half the time i rather stare at his face and babble back to him in his yada yada language. He's a good kid. Not fussy and always happy. As long as he gets his meals on time and sleep when he's tired.. he's an angel from above.

His favourite show is In The Night Garden from BBC. I never seen this show before. I still can't find it in the stores yet. But we did download a few from youtube to entertain him. When he sees the characters come out, his smile can light up a whole room.

I googled about it yesterday to understand the show better. Its kinda like Teletubbies. The characters makes a lot of baby sounds. There's Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, the three Tombliboos (you should check these three out.. their dance just cracks me up) and a whole lot more.

Its a pretty good show and its amazing how the kids learn from this show. I noticed Jai does some of the things the characters does. Its is amusing to see him arranging his blanket up and down before he sleeps. I saw Makka Pakka doing it in one of the videos.

The last time we had a kid running this home was 13 years ago... and we only were watching Teletubbies, Sesame Street and Power Rangers. Kids in Malaysia loves Barney. But i think In the Night Garden is quite a good show for toddlers and small kids. The music calms them and the smile on their face is priceless.

I found In The Night Garden on youtube yesterday. Watch it below if you want to see what its all about. Its Jai's favourite.

I've only been humming his songs lately.. hahahhahaa.. Jai is taking over my life.

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baincardin said...

chop! ^_^

lama dah tak berkunjung melawat anny. Hi Anny! apa khabar? :)

Nessa said...

wah, baby Jai main kad... hebats! you know wat they say... melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya... hehehe

never heard of Night In The Garden... during my taim it was Cumi dan Ciki and the Electric Company... LOL!

Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, the three Tombliboos... love the cutesy names!

Spiffy said...

Teaching a lil baby to gamble? How could you? LOL! But hey, it's never too young to learn to gamble ... hahaha ...

Night Garden? First time I ever heard of it. My time the same with Nessa la, Cumiand Ciki, The Electric Company, Sesame Seed urrrmm, I mean street, shows you how old I am ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Alo anny,

Nanti Jai dah tak dak musti sunyi rumah.

Budak-budak jangan disangka energi mereka tak power, memang power.

Ye, kadang2 bila dah sibuk buat aktiviti "offline", memang syiok dan malas nak online. Sebab "natural@fitrah" manusia selesa dengan dunia offline dari online.

Haha, rizal pun syiok2 jer rewang rehat2 dalam dua minggu

Baru je baik demam tapi masih ada saki baki sengal2 badan.

Selamat Hari Isnin Anny : )

Unknown said...

hello Bain :) terchop jugak si dia :)

apa khabar Bain? Baby coming soon ya... excited kan kan kan

Unknown said...

memang hebats si dia.. but urmm.. now he is putting the cards in his mouth.. abisssss semua jadi rosak dah... alahai.

i did love Cumi and Ciki a lot.. hehhehee.. and the electric company jugak.. and and the disney channel :)

u should check out the characters.. they are very very cute when they dance.. hhahahahaha

Unknown said...

Urmm.. we did try to teach... hahhahaa.. but he's more interested in munching the cards :D

sesame seed ka? hehehehe.. u must be thinking of food with sesame seeds.. hehhehehee

Unknown said...

Alooooo Rizal :) mesti sunyi jugak bila dia pulang nanti.. tak tau mana mereka kumpul banyak tenaga dari satu botol susu saja.. hahhahahaha

memang dunia offline lagi best than online cos of human interaction which is more real.

dengue pon on the rise.. kalu sengal sengal badan dengan demam panas.. better to have your blood test... take care ya!