My friend here sure needs to go for grooming soon :) He's so curly worly that i just love to give him hugs. I love his curly locks. He's like a big teddy bear. He doesn't mind getting all the hugs.. hehhehehee.. sometimes he loves to lie on my lap too... or guard the entire space around me. He doesn't quite like to share his space with Piper. I am after all his pet.

Sometimes when he is in a good mood... he'll let Piper come close for tummy rubs. *LOL* Sometimes.. both will lie on the floor before me for tummy rubs. I've got to rub at a same rhythm because if i stop rubbing Dommy's tummy, he will look at me and check if i give the other little fella more attention. They are both adorable... but my left and right hands don't move at the same rhythm sometimes... hahhahahahhaa Maybe i'll get Jai to help me when he's back.

Some people who are born curly would die for straight hair. While some who are born with straight hair will perm their hair curly each time without having straight hair all their lives. I wonder if Dommy would prefer to have straight fur like Piper sometimes... hmmmm

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Nessa said...

he looks biggggg oredi... time for snip, snip, snip!! :D

i have wavy hair and it gets frizzier when i don't wash it for 2 days in a row.... but I went for rebonding last month (back home). sakitnya my rear sitting for 3 excruciating hours... all because I wanted straight hair!!

It sure is nice having straight hair, no need to use comb... gunakan jari pun boleh... LOL!

Unknown said...

Wah nampak cute dan begitu adorable.

owh! kena snip snip yer. Anjing jiran pun ada jenis macam ni. Bila dah kena snip snip, nampak kecik ajer.


Anny, Rizal cuba nak komen kat blog anny yang on the road, tapi tak boleh.

Ingat nak paut balik jenis liveblog aka moblog dengan livemobo rizal. Aktif kan blog tu? atau anny lebih suka paut dengan boomoohoo?

Unknown said...

he is biggggggggggggggg and furryyyyy and and curly too.. hahhahaha.. time for grooming :) but he's going for photoshoot this sunday... so it will be a not a sang kancil cut :D just trim sikit je

i remember u have wavy curls in one of emi's picture.. real nice curls.. but curls susah maintain sikit kan?

u did rebonding? gosh! u must be looking a million bucks when u came back to surprise hubby :D *ahem ahem* mesti dia excited to see u then :)

the most i can sit at a hairdresser is 1 hr.. lepas tu... i cannot tahan the smell of the chemicals.. so i usually go for cut je... :)

Unknown said...

hehehhee.. dia memang bulat rizal... and very cuddly.

bila straight from grooming.. actually he looks more gebu... hahahahhahaaa.. i'll show u this saturday at the mo-blog site :D

tak bole komen kat moblog ka? i tak put moderation kat sana... pelik..

u should paut balik your liveblog.. cos liveblog is fun.. i only take pics with mobile and email saja.. senang.

boomoohoo is my favourite playground.. but lately takde masa sangat.. will update soon :)

thanks for dropping by Rizal!

Unknown said...


Alright! Rizal sudah paut balik LiveMoBo ke BooMoohoo.

Tentang tak boleh komen, mungkin ada sedikit masalah teknikal sebelah rizal kot. kat nessa pun tak boleh juga. Jawabnya, kena la komen di pejabat.. LoL!!

Yes, my Livemobo pun hantar entri guna handphone tapi guna email feature bukan mms, sebab mms nanti kena charge rm0.50, email feature percuma, sebab line memang langgan sekali unlimited data. Kekeke.

Salam Malam Selasa... eeeehhhaaaaaa!!

Spiffy said...

Aiyoooo! Better not show Pebbles this post otherwise she will team up with Dommy and come bite me cos she needs a haircut too ... LOL!

Mariuca said...

Curly wurly to da max, wakey wakey Dommie...depresi it seems tak gi grooming! ;)

Nessa said...

looking like a million bucks?? I wish! more to sepuloh ringgit je... hehe

but my hair is no more super straight :'( it's wavy at the roots oredi... uwaahhhh

i don reali mind the curls. i hate it when it becomes frizzy... don king oso kalah!

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding me on the list of your liveblog Rizal :) kita hidupkan mobile blogging :D

aku pun guna feature email cos mms cost $$$ hahhahahahaa.. email is free.. urmmm.. already in my package.. mana le ada free free benda kan :D

have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Unknown said...

Urmm.. if Dommy bites you... mesti berlubang.. cos his teeth are sharp.. hahhahahaa.. :D
Pebbles sure tak sakit laa.. cos shitzus have baby teeth.. urmm.. i haven't tested the bite yet.. takut jugak

Unknown said...

Hahhahaa.. just show him food and his eyes will open wide Marzie.. hahhahahaa.. bukan depresi... he's sleepy and sleeping under the bed...

Unknown said...

i'm sure you looked a million bucks lepas rebonding Ness :) or feel like a million bucks.. :D i'm sure your hubby was pretty happy with your new look :D

if u have natural curls.. its actually quite hard to have straight hair for long even after rebonding.. cos hair grows pretty fast...

my friend have really tight natural curls... what she does is re-set the curls at the salon.. and it looks better than rebonding... cos curls will come out eventually :D

frizzy ka? urmm.. kasi bubuh itu cream sikit.. it will look nice..

urmm.. now i m sounding like a hairstylist pulak.. hahahahhaaaa