Oh boy... its 11.52pm and here i am trying to fit in a post for today.. hahhahahaa.. crazy crazy... I blame it all on tv. It was all tv's fault. If not for tv... i would be at the computer and posting the post much earlier. I ban you tv... for today... tomorrow and urmm until next week :)

Crazy as how things go around here, i started my day much earlier today. Aini came later but she told me she just went to the hospital the other day because of some severe pain on her neck. The doctor told her she has mild cervical spondylosis. She showed me a letter from the hospital and told me that she doesn't understand what the doctor told her. I told her i didn't know what it is too.. but i will look it up for her. I told her to go home if she's not well but she said she was fine now after the medication and she wanted to work.

She's an honourable person. Without work, she will never take my money. She is paid each time she comes. She would just go home without taking my money if i didn't allow her to work. She needs the money for her family. She's going to be 50 soon but have worked hard all her life. But a lazy husband who does not contribute to the family and money issues makes her worry all the time.

And so she worked. Each time she work, she and i will chat away. She'll tell me loads of stories of her life and her kids. She even tells me about my mom sometimes. How they both were in the garden deciding where to plant the hibiscus plant. My mom even consults her on where to plant things :)

She was telling me about the fence she built herself at her porch. She still lives at the squatters in the village. Most of the village folks have already been given land to built their own homes. There's only about 10 houses left which are not given any land yet. And they have been staying there for a very long time. She told me that when she first built her house there, they have to make their own roads...and cut through thick bushes to make pathways.

I guess my government is not opening their eyes to the hardcore poor and helping them. They rather build white elephants in town with thousands of computers and aircons in the buildings that are usually empty. If you walk into the buildings, its so cool and cold like a freezer. But you only see one or two persons in sight. We have quite a lot of white elephants here in town.

Even though she helps people to clean houses and wash clothes... she has more honor than a lot of people i know. My grandma says that each generation must try and be better than the old. We move forward and try not to falter. We try and improve our lives for our next generation. That's what Aini is doing too. Working hard and hope her next generation will be better.

I do hope her next generation will be better and she'll have a better life in a few years time. I am always humbled by her existence.

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Spiffy said...

There are lots of decent hardworking people in this world that life just decided to deal a not so good fate but they do manage and yes, the government should do a lot more than what they're doing right now.

Duni said...

Hi Anny!

just wanted to let you know I've given you an award :)

take care,


Unknown said...

There are lots of hardworking people around... life is always fair...either u have it ez first and hard later or hard life first and a better life in your winter years... either way.. i am sure.. hard work will not kill anyone. It will just make a person tougher and better.

What the government should not be doing... is building white elephants and giving empty promises.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely award Duni :D

Nessa said...

Good morning Anny!

reminds me of the Malay proverb... bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian...

we have morons in the govt. and corruption is so rife... it breaks my heart to pieces. ppl tell that's the way it is and nothing can be done. How la?? :'(

Anonymous said...

Good day!

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!