We are finally home. Exhausted. But i got a good seat in the car. I get to be co-driver in front (but i was sleeping most of the time as its still too early in the morning).

The sun was shining on me. I was getting a great tan. I even went for grooming too while i was in Kuala Lumpur. I am now few pounds lighter... and Anny insisted i wear my tee-shirt when we were in KL as she was afraid that i might catch a cold.

I am glad to be with less fur as its getting hotter and hotter as days goes by. This Chinese New Year heat is really too much. Poor Jai is melting everywhere he goes.

We would like to apologise for our long absence and we will be blog-walking soon :) Seems that she has a lot of work to do when she came home.

Thanks to all our friends who tried to guess my name in the last contest. Only Nessa and Spiffy got it right.

My fullname is Dom Perignon. I was named after the famous champagne Dom Pérignon by my first owner. My brother Moey is named Moët et Chandon. (I wonder how my brother Moey is doing now). He and i got separated when we were both adopted by different families. My previous owners must have loved champagne a lot to named us both after the champagne they love.

We have travelled far to come to Malaysia to stay. We hope this will be our forever home. Even though its very warm at the moment... but i love to stay with my grandpa as i got a full big garden all for myself and my friends and of course Piper. Poor Piper didn't get to come home with us today. He is with his mommy and daddy now.

I got to sleep now. We are both tired.. and exhausted. We got to entertain the little one when he gets up tomorrow. We need all the energy to keep up with our London Worm.

Goodnite people *woofffff*


FYI to Spiffy.. we didn't get kid/dognapped by the aliens :p

10 woofs:

Mariuca said...

OMG so cute la Dommy, he looks like he's dreaming of a fat juicy bone! Welcome home! :)

Nessa said...

woooof!! welkam bek!! *kompang music* hehehe

Unknown said...

hahahhaa.. fat juicy bone eh? i think he's dreaming more about chicken rice.. *LOL* thanks Marzie :)

Unknown said...

kompang musik jugak? hahahhahaa.. kelakor giler si Nessa ni :D

Spiff said...

Wah, you went holiday ah? I thought you got kidnapped by aliens la ... really one ah, you went holiday and didn't get kidnapped ah? Really ah? LOL!

Welcome back :D

Spiff said...

Hahahahahahaha, Nessa main kompang .... hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

OMG! he looks so human! but im sure much much nicer than many of us humans hehehehe.


Unknown said...

urmm... its not a holiday.. urmm.. we were just on the road and in KL :) mana ada alien kidnap me ponya.. i'll zap them with my water gun if they do try :p

thanks Spiffy!

Unknown said...

yele.. Nessa tuh main kompang pulak.. hahahahaa

Unknown said...

He looks like but not one :) he's anytime much better than any human.. hehehe