Fort Cornwallis is an old star-shaped fort located on the northeastern coast of Penang, Malaysia. It is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia. (info from Wikipedia)

Entrance to Fort Cornwallis... ooo.. eerie looking too

Or so we thought.. hahahhahaa.. the entrance was on the other side... We were both melting and poofed after walking quite a distance to find that we are at the wrong entrance *LOL*

But this gateway was pretty cool looking :)

We decided its too hot at 3pm to walk to the other entrance.. :p so we left it and return to the car which was quite a distance when its super hot and hazey... hehhehehehe In our heads, we were screaming for cold super cold coconut water :D

This looks like a cell. When a tourist suddenly came into the window on the other side, both of us kinda got spooked. *LOL*

Ahh... and this was my special encounter at Fort Cornwallis :) Nice lil doggie basking in the sun on a bed of grass... he/she looked contented. The great guardian of Fort Cornwallis.

6 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Both of us are easily spooked!
We do not make good adventurers hahaha


Unknown said...

oh ya.. we are easily spooked.. hahhahaaa.. sometimes we even spook ourselves.


Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I've only been to this Fort once, a long time ago with one of my best buddies and your pictures sure do bring back some memories :D

Oh and being the coward that I am, I was probably as spooked as you guys ... LOL!

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

And that dog is a handsome lil fellow too :D I would have dognapped the fellow home ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Glad the pics brought back some memories for you :)
It was spooky in bright daylight.. suddenly this fella appear at the window of the cell.. hahahhaa.. she was just as shocked to see two idiots staring in *LOL*

Unknown said...

Urmm... they dun like to be dognapped... i think he is quite contented being the guardian of the big fort :D