Lately i have been a lil busy with work. Work do pay me on time every single month and they gave me the freedom and lets me keep a dog or two with me while i work. Wonderful perks :)

I have some websites flowing out of both ears and since i am still learning as i go along with this wordpress thingy... it has given me grey. I think Blogger is so much simpler. I've always liked to keep things simple.

My hair used to be jet black and thick... now i have strands of grey poking out especially behind my ears... hahhahahaha.. it amuses on most days when i look at the mirror. What the heck.. I'll try and grow old gracefully.

Some people say that when you do a lot of thinking, white strands of hair will appear overnight. I guess i haven't been doing much thinking all my life till now. *LOL*

My head is big... and hollow. Sometimes i hear a "piiiiiiiinnnngg" sound inside... cos its running on empty on most days. If you give it a little knock.. it will echo back :)

Since my job description took a turnaround last year, i think i have been having more greys. I've acquired hip bone aches on some days... and my back feels like breaking on other days. Its like the start of the growing old gracefully thingy i guess.

But i've noticed that my buddies Spiffy and Emila were having backaches too. So it has to be normal. Probably we are all not sitting properly. And have proper chairs and better working environments. Or probably we are spending wayyyyy too long hours in front of the screen. hahahaha

My dad reminded me today that work is not everything. (i know that) But he doesn't know i blog too.. hehehhee.. and i post his songs for my sisters too. hehehhehehe.. If he knows, i am in deep shit. *opps* He'll nag me till kingdom come because.. work is already on the computer.. then this stupid twerp called me is blogging too. More time spent on the computer.

But blogging keeps me sane. I made some very good friends that keeps me laughing to myself late at night. I don't go out much here and i don't have many real friends here. But i have loads of relatives that brings food all the time though. And an aunt that bakes like Nigella.

The pros and cons of life. But i am still thankful i have a great boss and an understanding one too. Now back to the wordpress thingy ^_^

If i don't have work and i don't blog... i wonder what i would be doing right now :D Probably rolling on the floor with Dommy.. :D

2 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Sometimes I think we place too much priority on work that we forget to live.

Yeah, blogging is probably the cause of my backache, too much blogging that is but then, just like you I wonder what I would be doing with the free time I have ... LOL!

... 234500, 244501, 234502, 234503, 234503 ...

Unknown said...

i think so too.. too much priority on the computer too..

i have been lazy ystr and today.. i was just a snoooozing till now.. hahhahahaaa.. :D happy weekend to u Spiffy! whatever that's left of it.. :D