I lost a friend yesterday night. A dear friend.

The skies are even weeping now. We do not deserve her. God loves her more. I guess when we test God's patience too much, he will take her home.

She's all about love and forgiveness. I do not know her personally even though i call her my friend. She is always in my head, reminding and reminding. She is my inspiration when life is tough. She reminds me to forgive when its hard. She taught me to be human when i am not.

This is indeed a sad day. But she is now free. In a better place.

Beautiful soul... May you rest in peace Yasmin and May all the angels take care of you wherever you go. Thank you for touching my life and thank you for making a difference. You will continue to inspire and you will continue to live in us.

Yasmin Ahmad ( 1 July 1958 ~ 25 July 2009)


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Anonymous said...

The Storyteller is no more,
Her legacy lives on.

From Almighty God you came
To him you are returned


Spiff, The Spaceman said...

May she rest in peace. She will be missed. We'll remember her in her ads that touch the hearts of many.

Nessa said...

Rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad.

Unknown said...

She will live on.. long and longer than most of us.. her legacy will carry on. Sad sad day.

Unknown said...

i am already missing her. I go to her website as often as i go to Emi's and yours...now there will be no more Storyteller.

Unknown said...

So young kan Nessa... so young.

Anonymous said...



yoon see said...

I miss her too. Anny, we pray that she RIP!

Rozella said...

First Michael and now her...what is happening to the world? Why are all the young and talented leaving us?

Unknown said...

May she rest in peace... and may her legacy lives on long.

Unknown said...

The good die young Rozie... they have learnt all their lessons and its time for them to go home.

Nessa said...

I'm 'amazed' how this local newspaper can be so kejam towards the dead.

Please read about it here.


Unknown said...

Kosmo has always been CHEAP. Who reads it anyways... the editor tuh.. pergi mampoi la.. the role of the editor pon tak tau.
Have some ethics and some respect for the dead. If they don't have that, they are not fit to be a paper. Its not always about numbers and sales.
But then again.. Yasmin is about love and forgiveness. She would forgive them as they do not know what they are doing.