Its been an hour since I decided to call it a night. My computer is off and so is the rest of the stuffs. The house is in darkness except for the tiny light in the hallway. And why am I still wideeeeeee awake when my eyes kept closing earlier..hehehehe
I am tossing and turning in bed when I should be a snooozing away an hour ago. Hmmmm.. Weird.
Dommy is already chasing meows in his dreams. I heard a tiny woof from his bed. He must be having a nice dream as his feet are facing up and his body is curled in a funny shape..hehehe
Whoops.. He has changed position. He is back on his poang :D
Oh boy.. I'll try n sleep again..or mebbe I should fire up the computer and the hub to get some work done since I am wideeeeee awake.
Late nite insomnia.. Haha.. I shud probably cut down on my coffee. Today I had two.
Reason I am typing on this tiny screen is I am just testing the push button publishing.. Haha.. What are the odds of this post not published when I push the button? We shall all see in a mo ^-^
Don't mind me.. This is just one of my late nite ramblings.. Goodnite peeps :)

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yoon see said...

Sorry to drop by late. anny, please take care, I guess sleepless night once a while is acceptable....What yoon see said this?!
No, what I mean, everyone will face this period of time. If you can not sleep, you can do somr other things.
as for me, if I can't sleep well, that's the time i will start drawing again.
I really spend this quality time for something precious.
Sometimes, I reopen my old album to read thru and recollect my fun and memorable time with parents, friends.
That's the time, my happy tears drop down......It's OK! It's OK!
The normal time, run out of time to cherish the good past....

Take care, I miss coffee too!

Spiff said...

For sleepy heads like me, sleep comes easily ... sometimes in the midst of Mrs. Spiff talking to me, I'll fall asleep ... LOL!

Unknown said...

sleepness night cos i slept too early.. hahahhahaa.. tonite i decide to sleep late :D
i usually sleep very fast... but i guess my mind was occupied with tasks undone :D
its good to cherish the memories... and sometimes its great to have some tears too.
u take care Yoonsee.. and coffee is no good anyways.. u didn't miss anything great :D

Unknown said...

sleep comes easily to me too on most days Spiffy.. just tonite.. my mind was active cos i had an unfinished task :D
Mrs Spiff roll u outta the bed.. hahahahhahahaaa

emilayusof said...

hehe anny burung hantu!

Unknown said...

whoooo whoooo whoooooo!