This morning i woke up with a jump. Practically jumped up and nearly fell off the bed.. hahahhahaa... I heard dad shouting.. "YOU ARE LIKE YOUR MOTHER.. NEVER EARLY". Boy was late for school.. actually late for his ride. My uncle was waiting outside... and he was still combing his hair.

Dad is very particular about punctuality. He is always punctual and always early.. never late. He gets very irritated and agitated when he has to wait too long. My siblings and i... there's four of us. All girls. Three of us are usually punctual. My eldest sis.. is usually never punctual. *LOL* I used to wait hours for her. And i mean hours. Boy.. well... he takes after his mom. Never punctual. Maybe its in the genes.

Since little, my dad have always stressed to him about being punctual and never let people wait for you. But teenagers... they like to take their own sweet time and even going anywhere... he is never early. I don't really know how to teach him about punctuality.

Punctuality is everything. When you go to work, its good to be punctual. When you go to the airports... always be punctual and be few hours early. When you go for interviews, don't be on time... be early.. very early and make a good impression.

I sometimes wonder if punctuality runs in the genes or maybe it can be taught.

And alarm clocks. Why bother having alarm clocks when you don't hear them at all. *LOL* Sis and Boy.. same. The alarm clock will be ringing for hours... both will be sound asleep. Without a wink... *LOL* I am beginning to think that its in the genes.

Some mornings (like today) i am tortured. Even Dommy, if his paws can reach his ears.. he'll closed them with his paws. Both of us just looked at each other.

Dad wakes at 5am. I go to sleep only at 2am. By 6am, i hear some banging sometimes... and the door opening and closing and the sliding door sliding open shut open shut... both Dommy and I are weary eyed... will just look at each other. By 7am, both of them will be out of the house. Both of us can continue with our sleep peacefully then for an hour more.

But today, i had a shock and decide to get up. Both Dommy and i strolled in the garden and i started work after that. It took 2 cups of coffee to keep me up through the day on days like this. When my day starts, there's no end till i lay down to sleep again.

I hope maybe tomorrow there will be less clanking and banging. But then again, i should be thankful for the noises and the company :D

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Anonymous said...

Leave behind un punctual people, just leave them behind. You have to be cruel to be kind. Its tough love.

There is truth in the saying "the early bird gets the first worm" ... personally i dont like worms hehehe
but I'm always punctual too.


Nessa said...

Your dad reminds me of my late grandma. She was an early riser too and would bang on our doors to wake up for school, even on weekends.

She would ramble on and on about how the workers nearby were already up and doing their work at a vegetable farm. We were in our teens and I didn't see the relevance of the workers and us... hehe

I think she was trying to instill punctuality but she execution was bad... loud bangings and being sleepy made me even grumpier!

I'm a punctual person btw. I hate having to wait too... 5 mins is OK, 10 mins is oso OK but 1 hour... it's bye-bye!!

Unknown said...

Leave them behind ka? hehhehee.. if i dun wake him up.. he'll be missing school for a whole year *lol*
mebbe it can be taught :) wish me luck with the Boy.. hahaha

Unknown said...

My grandma was an early riser too.. hehehe.. She used to walk over from her house to mine early in the morning.. peep inside and check if mom is awake... then she will wake her if she's still snoozing.. *LOL*
I remember i was not an early riser too.. when i was a kid. But now.. if the need arises... i can wake on demand. But i still like to sleep in on weekends. It used to be just Piper and me.. snooozing away on a Sunday.
I am a punctual person.. but i can wait. I can wait hourssssssss.. just put me in a place with books :D

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Ok, I'm a stickler for punctuality. I'm ALWAYS at least half an hour for an appointment I have and I get agitated when people make me late so I can understand your dad screaming at boy ... LOL!

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I agree with Nessa, if have to wait for hours, I'm out of there ... LOL!

Unknown said...

ALWAYS kasi bold pulak.. hahhhahaha.. i must remember that.
If i waited the hours and the person still dun show up... i won't bother going out with the person ever. But if its my sister (my eldest sister) what can i do laa but wait.

Unknown said...

My whole family only waits for big sis.. she's a slow mo.. but everyone still waits patiently. Else her bark is worse than her bite.. hehhehehee

Nessa said...

If sister, wat to do laa... wait saja lor... hehehe

Unknown said...

Yalor.. sister kena la tunggu.