Sometimes i do not know whether to laugh or cry. I just go numb and kick the stones in the garden.

Woke up this morning and took Dommy out to have his sniff and pee in the garden. We came back in and i'll give him his usual cookies and a treat of beef jerky. Then i loaded the clothes to the machine to wash.

After that I went and sat in the loo to think about life greatest mysteries *LOL*

Dad came home from his walks in the park. He took Dom out into the garden again. Thinking that Dom has not had his pee and poo... hehhehehee.. Dommy being Dommy went out happily and did the sniff and pee another round.

The both came in and Dommy being Dommy sat down with an eager and hungry face. Dad open his beef jerky treat bag and took out this.

Tears the small pack of the above pack into Dommy's bowl and walked into the kitchen with the open pack and asked me... what's this?? Is this Dommy's food.

My eyes went big... i flipped.. ran to Dommy's bowl. Lucky he was just sniffing it. I think i nearly went kapoots this morning. Dad just went.. i didn't know what it was laa.

Its probably all my fault too. I buy all this treats in weird packs for Dommy.. hahhahahaha Dommy being Dommy is forever greedy. But you can't blame him too.. he's just a doggie.. hahhahaahaa

Dad is probably getting old. He don't want to read instructions on things anymore. Or he's just probably bored. He just asks me lot of questions everyday. Now he knows that i am angry, he tries not to annoy me.. hahahhahahahhaa. I am not angry.

The picture above is an oxygen absorber.
Oxygen absorbers comes in tiny packs in powder form and are usually packed together with food products especially in reseal bags of dry food. (read more here on Wiki)

We have to be careful with this tiny packs of oxygen absorbers especially with kids and old folks. They really do not know what it is and might just think that its part of the extras in the food packs.

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Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I've always wondered why they pack these things to look like food stuff. You would think they'd make it look really horrible in style and colour to discourage people from eating them.

Thank god you saw it in time otherwise Dommy would be in trouble!

Unknown said...

there is a fine line that says.. DO NOT EAT.. but its probably too tiny the words.. *LOL*
Anyways.. it does look like the maggi mee seasoning inside the maggi mee packs... some ppl will be confused.
Dommy is a smart doggy.. he just went to sniff and went away :)

yoon see said...

Yeah, that's life, not like what we always expected.
Anny, I will put up the gifts you send me. Thank you for your kindness, generousity, love and care to me.
I need to buy a frame next time I visit to Ikea to frame up the shot.
Thank you again!

yoon see said...

Dommy is smart, yes!

Unknown said...

No worries about it YoonSee... i'm glad u like the prints :)
You take care now!

Unknown said...

yep.. he is a smart lil one :D

Nessa said...

What happens if one accidentally eats dis thing? Will it absorb all the oxygen I breathe?? Hmmm... maybe I shud put dis on my enemy's food... muahahaha! *evil laughter*

Unknown said...

I am not sure what wud happen if we accidently consume it..
absorb all the oxygen u breathe?? hahahhaaa.. hopefully not
so who's ur enemy? evilnya.. saya suda takutsss...