He looked up and nodded at her, his face lit by the glow of the monitor. He didn't notice the suitcase in her hand.

If only he has touched her half as much as he touched that keyboard, give her a fraction as much attention.

She sighed, wondering when he'd notice that she was gone.

~ Darlene LeFaive

This short story above is taken from the book i am reading now. Its a book of very very short stories. Just 55 words long for each story... hehhehehee.. ok ok i am a lazy bum. I find it hard to read dragging long books. And i got this book cheap. 4 bucks only :D

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Spiff, The Spaceman said...

55 words for each story? Alamak Anny, I belum warm up pun if only 55 words la ... LOL! My books all at least got 900 - 1000 pages long la, which is why I probably write long winded posts ... LOL!

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Urmmm, by any chance did I get FC here?

Unknown said...

ya.. just 55 words.. hahhahahaa.. its a good toilet read :D i do read a lot in the toilet.. urmmm... i like the environment in the loo (its a dry toilet) *LOL*

900 - 1000 pages long ka? My thin hands won't be able to support a book that thick la.. i will topple over in the toilet while holding a book so thick *LOL

Unknown said...

and YES! u did :D no prizes though :D

Rozella said...

So short? Hehehe Wah bestnya! I would love to write stories like that. Pemalas nie think-think so panjang!

Rozella said...


NOT SPIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Unknown said...

Yep.. real short :) The book is called "The World's Shortest Stories of Love and Death" hehehhehehe some of the stories are very funny too.

Its actually harder to write short stories.. i think :D

Unknown said...

hahahhaha.. what's with you and Spiffy fighting for FC? kelakor betui..