When i listen to this music, i imagined a ballroom and a whole lot of people dancing. Strictly ballroom dancing. Close your eyes... and listen to this music. Do you feel the same? :D But after that.. open your eyes again and enjoy the great video by 65 Reasons on YouTube. The wordings are beeyooooooootiful :)

I on the other hand can't dance for nuts. I have 2 left feet... some people say. Used to dance a lot... but its more of the noisy songs in the discos when i was errr.. ummm.. younger and didn't care about anything other than dancing.. hahahaa.. it was a fun age to be with my friends. Those kind of dancing do not need any rules... and it was just a lot of flinging your limbs here and there... and with the lights blinka blinka.. you still look super dupa cool! Remember to always wear white to discos.. hehehee.. you stand out! hahhahahaha

Ah... i love dancing. Wish i could do ballroom dancing. The music above would have been great. I love ballet most. Gracefullness.... like the swans.

This is another version of the same song... but this by Pat Boone. This is grandpa's favourite. Papa told me this today over lunch. All this old songs really do make him very happy. He was just saying yesterday... I am so glad there's Youtube in this world.

I do hope Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim knows how much i appreciate them for making my papa's days very beautiful. Because of Youtube... he is happy again.

6 woofs:

emilayusof said...

wah playing the song also can already imagine ballroom dancing with handsome gentlemen and pretty women dancing joyfully! Look at their gown...so beautiful!!

Unknown said...

hehehhee.. active imagination.. sama-sama :D tks for dropping by Emi!

Mariuca said...

WOOF! Hi Anny, thanks for coming by today, have a great weekend with ur kids yeah?

PS. Feel free to join us at the FCC, fun tu! ;)


yoon see said...

Yeah, I also love ballroom dancing but don't know how to:(
Thanks for the magical melody. Your blog is having so much cool music & happening lately!
Where did you learn the dance from Anny?

Unknown said...

Hey Marzie :D thanks for dropping by... oh yeh.. the FCC... sayo malos.. lagi... hahahaa.. have a great weekend too with ur cuties ++ B

Unknown said...

dance? hehe.. i can only do a mean flinging of limbs.. not the real cool ballroom dancing yet... yet.. ;) but two left feet dun help.. hahahaha tks for dropping by Yoon See