One of my favourite books... The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Have you ever read it before? Ahhh.. they even made a movie outta it in 2004.

Its a timeless love story about Noah and Allie. I love these soapy love stories.

Watching these love stories over and over again still never bore me. hahaha.. I am hopeless and a romantic. Living a fairytale life in my head ONLY. hahaha..

Its only normal for people like me to have an active imagination. Kinda like China in my head. Or is it normal to imagine too much?

Me, myself and I in my own China in my head :D

There are some really beautiful soundtracks in this movie. One of it is an oldie by Alan Jackson. Remember When.

Its one of my Papa's favourite songs too. Sometimes i hear him singing it. When he is alone and remember mom... he sings this song.

I believe in love. And timeless love. Don't lose hope in love. Cos with love... everything becomes beautiful. The sky is blue even on a rainy day. You would even be grinning when you are stuck in a traffic jam coming back to your "love". Donuts taste EXTRA sweet. You would have a spring in your walk. And thats love. That's what love is all about.

Here's Alan Jackson for you. Enjoy. Don't forget to watch the movie.

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Unknown said...

oooooooooooh! thanks Patty :) Coming over and grabbing it soon...