I am terrible with numbers and just as bad with dates. I don't remember people's anniversaries but only my loved ones birthdays. Each day I wake up not really knowing what day the day is. I don't wear a watch. I don't even know the time. But i am always almost punctual when i am meeting people.

Most of you must be thinking i am having a memory loss. :) I choose not to remember and i choose not to know. My days just pass by and before i know it... i will be a white haired lady living on borrowed time... hahahhahaa.. I am having strands of white hair. Ops! I am getting old.

I love people that celebrate their love. It makes me believe that love is alive. Love surely happens for a reason.

Today is my friend Emila Yusof's wedding anniversary (hope i can still make it).

May the bonds that tie you with Zaim remained knotted forever.

May you fall in love over and over again... each and every single day.. but only with Zaim.

Happy Anniversary to you dear Emi & Zaim.

3 woofs:

emilayusof said...

Wow Anny!!!! Thank you so much dear!!! Hugs from both of us!

Anonymous said...

Well, happy anniversary to Emila and hubby :D

yoon see said...

Wow! You are indeed thoughtful to remember Emila in this creative way:)