My apologies to Diya... for the lateness.

Lookit the card on the left... isn't it beautiful? creative? It sure is... its handmade by one of my online buddies Diya.

She's starting a craft store to sell her handmade cards here. Do go visit to check out some of her lovely creations and order some while supporting Handmade stuffs.

With valentines day just round the corner, it would be nice to receive a handmade personalised card. Your loved one would surely love a handmade card.

I think you'll go very far Diya... your cards are simply very creative and nice. Good luck with your superstore :) Hope you'll make lotsa money and buy me coffee.. hehehe

I personally love the "Words of Love" card with the fluffy heart.. it is so cute.

This is also Diya's first giveaway contest. In order to participate...

1. Subscribe to diYadeaRY by email. (1 entry)
2. Add diYadeaRY to your blogroll. (1 entry)
3. Add diYadEaRY's.... ♥ to your blogroll. (1 entry)
4. Put the diYadEaRY's.... ♥ banner to your blogroll. (3 entries)
5. Blog about diYadEaRY's.... ♥ and link back to this post. (5 entries)
6. Last but not least, please leave a comment on what you have done.

This contest runs starting today, 1st February 2009 till 10th February 2009 midnight Malaysian time. You have 10 days to participate. The winner will be select randomly and will be announced on 11th February 2009.

6 woofs:

diyadeary said...

tenkiu for the posting and as well for the wishes dear.. :)

anny, drop a comment on the post baru kira sah ur participant.. ;)

diyadeary said...

anny, u have to do the 6th step.. baru valid ur entry.. :)

i tggu nie..

diyadeary said...

alamak.. anny, bukan menang giveaway.. i mean, drop me a komen, on what u have done, in order for u to be qualified as one of my giveaway participants.. :)

my giveaway end on 10th Feb, midnite.. :)

for example, in my giveaway, i got 5 things to be done in order for u to earn full entries which 11.

so, tell me, which of the 5 things have u done.. ;) is it clear dear?

Unknown said...

hahahahhaa.. just kidding with u laaa si Diyaaaa... hhahahaa..i have done everything i think.. cept for one

diyadeary said...

hahahaa.. Anny! kidding on me ya? by the way, u already earn 10 entries.. :)

thanks a lot ya! :) :)

diyadeary said...

opss, my mistake..

yg 1 u tak buat tu ape? put the banner kan?

then, u only earned 8 entries la.. sorry ye.. :(