...like a baby grand piano :)

Woke up this morning because something was vibrating on my arm *LOL* No dirty thots there... hahhahahahaa Its just my phone on my arm (how did it get there).. I hear a *toot toot* next... and open one eye to check my incoming email.

Nice surprise for the morning. Someone called Patty of Grey & Things sent me a Life is Grand Award :) Thank you Patty. I am indeed honoured.

Ahhhhhhh... life is sweet... when people you have never even met or chat before acknowledge your presence on the web... it is a world wide web.

I do go through many many blogs and webs a day... for research and for reading. Some blogs i visit almost on a daily basis... because it is an interesting read... and you tend to unconciously know so much about the person compared to your next door neighbour. Is this globalisation or are we spending too much time confined into our online existence?

I do drops on entrecards sometimes... and thats where i find some common interest groups and many interesting websites. Grey and Things is one of my favourite drops and a whole other blogs.

Anyways... this award comes with just two simple rules.

The rules are that I need to tell you 5 reasons that I think life is grand and then pass it on to 5 people.

1) Life is grand because i have love.

2) Life is grand because i still have my father to nag me and turn my life into a hurricane. hahahhaa.. this is of course with good thots.

3) Life is grand because there's Dommy, Piper and a bit of Yellow in my life.

4) Life is grand because i can do what i love to do and still earn a living.

5) Life is grand because i get to go to work in my pajamas and my just woken up face.

My nominees for this award are...

Emila Yusof ~ Emila's Illustrated Blog

Nick ~ Spiff the Spaceman

Ken ~ Tapestry

Mariuca ~ Wishing on a Falling Star

Yoon See ~ Greener Pasture

Enjoy :)

8 woofs:

yoon see said...

Thanks Anny for this award. You realy deserve it.
Thanksgiving facts.....so true!
You are a blessed person with multi-talent anny, your English and writing are so good.
I wish you could publish your book on dogs one day. I will sure buy the book. Don't forget I am the fan of dog too:)
Let me come back again in the weekend for more commenting and more read on other entries.
Busy with so many things.
Church card design 2nd submission......
Thanks a trillion Anny and good night to you my dear friend:)

Unknown said...

You deserve it too... cos u make lovely music and art and this baby grand picture reminded me of you.

I am not a writer.. haha.. this blog is just a place for me to rant n rave and share my life with my sisters. My sisters are my readers.. hehe..

Don't think i have the authority to publish a book on dogs.. i am just an amatuer with 2 dogs and a half ;p but thank you for believing in me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award :D I just love awards ... hehehe ... No more riddles for Nessa and me, kah? LOL!

Unknown said...

ur the most welcome Nick :) teka teki ka? lemme ask Dom.. mebbe he is seriously thinking of one for Nessa and u.. ;p

Nessa said...

Oh nooo... Not another riddle!! LOL!

emilayusof said...

Anny!!! Am truly honoured!! Thank you for such a grand award! muahss!

yoon see said...

Thanks Anny for dropping by. How is your weekend.
Mine so busy:(
Anny, if you believe you can, you can, you are able then you are able!
Nothing is impossible, with trust and believe, anything can be miracle.
Think big, may be you can ask Emila, she is a better person to give comment.
I heard from her to write a children book, one get quite good royaly on that. May be you can write a creative dog story book and take picture or illustrate some cute dogs. I am sure there are many dog lover around.
It's not about self publishing but Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka is offering that.....
Again, seek Emila's for more info.
I will meet uo with Emila on this matter too:)

Unknown said...

thankie for dropping by and for ur words of encouragement.

Mebbe someday.. hahaha i m not having enuff sleep as it is now :)

sleep is most precious to me! :D i am a bum.