Today is a lazy day for me... i was just flipping channels till i got to Oprah. She was doing the show on Investigating Puppy Mills. Couldn't flip the channels after that.. cos i was crying with her. Check out the link above and you can read about that show. We should probably have more Oprah's in the world.

Our constant need to have everything NEW. Even a puppy. Everyone loves a brand new puppy. Cute.. and new. Even after my 2 days with Brandy... i was thinking of getting a brand new goldie. I am guilty of that. But what stopped me so far was the thoughts i carry in this blog. When there are so many dogs and cats that need saving from pet shelters, why do we still have the need of having something brand new? We can go check out the shelters... and save another life. Another dog/cat saved might not save the world but a difference is made.

When i was at the pet shops buying food for Dommy... i saw two brand new goldies. The girl was trying quite hard to sell me one. I must have the look on my face that said.. I want that goldie. I could have just paid and brought one home there and then. Both goldies were beautiful. I was having this goldie hangover since Chinese New Year. Brandy's not ours. She just comes to stay sometimes when the owners are away.

Piper was brand new when we got him. Sis got him from a breeder. A responsible breeder i hope because only a responsible breeder will ask you a lot of questions and spend time explaining about the breed he has to offer. And he makes sure the dog is going to a good home.

Dommy was 5 when he came to us. He was not brand new but neutered. The owners wanted to give them away because they were not able to take good care of them anymore. At least the owners were responsible enough to make sure their dogs go to another family. Dommy looked old when he came to us... i always assume he's old because he's not new. But i love him all the same. He's only going to be 7 this June.

I promise not to get a brand new goldie. If i should have a goldie.. or any doggie.. it would be from the shelter.

Everyone can make a difference. Even if the difference is tiny... it would still be a difference. If you are thinking of getting a brand new puppy... cute... new.. untouched... untrained.. why not have a heart and give the dogs or cats at the shelter a chance. We definitely cannot save all the dogs/cats in the shelters... but we could try and make a difference. If we stop buying from puppy mills... maybe they will stop producing. Production will cease when there's no demand.

Do you know how many dogs and cats are euthanized in a day? All over the world. Overcrowding at the shelters. They really do not have no choice. Some good souls... are trying their best to save as many as they can. We can all help by adopting... and not buying.

I end this post with a video on The Truth about Euthanasia at shelters which i found on Youtube. Hope it touches you enough to make a small difference. Any kind of difference would be a difference in this world.

Please neuter your pets.

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