Patches - Dickey Lee

This song sounds kinda morbid... so soon after Valentine. But its a nice song. I remember this one from my childhood.

In this present space and time, there are still parents who won't consent to certain marriages. Be it different races or religion or clan or status. Some would be brave and elope if they truly love each other... some would just hope and pray that maybe someday, the parents will give their consent and blessings... while still waiting till their hairs turn grey.

I am sure parents would only want the best for their children. And some do overlook their children's happiness over theirs. Choices have to be made. Some right some wrong ones. Who is to know what would the future be.

Overheard my papa humming to this tune on youtube :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis! I remembered this song too during our childhood. Brought tears to my eyes...those were the days when mum and dad will play those oldies. Wish I could go back to those days...with mum, dad and our sisters...Keep up with Papa's songs...I might be far away but the songs bring me closer to home.