I got a call yesterday earrly morning... from PP's mommy. She was on the way to work and was stuck in the jam all becos of Yellow Stuff. hahahahhahahaaa

Was just talking to my sister the day before. About how Goldies love water. Sis have a small pond in the back garden. Kinda like a water feature with a small waterfall. Since Yellow Stuff is at a very curious stage in her life, we decided to put her at the back garden just in case she decides to take a walk on her own and go missing if she's at the front porch. She is safe... but.. not safe from the water. Everyday she is walking nearer and nearer to the pond... which is about 1 feet deep.

Yellow Stuff have been very busy the last weekend chomping on hibiscus, grass and even small pebbles. She always have to have something in the mouth. Sis even peeked at her and saw her at the edge of the pond.. drinking from the pond. When she called her.. she just innocently walked away.

Curiosity IS one of the most important aspects of life be it for animals or humans. It is through curiosity, a deep desire to find out things, that life promotes itself. It keeps itself alive, reproducing again, and gathers resources more effectively each time.

A lack of curiosity can lead to a lack of life. And a very bored sleepy dog.

And guess what happen to the Yellow Stuff that morning.

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