Looking for a new dog? A brand new puppy?
Where do you go to get one? A pet store? A breeder? The internet?

Before you buy a puppy/dog, take a look at the video below.

This undercover video from The Humane Society exposes dog auctions used by puppy mills.

Help spread the word and stop puppy mills. You can do your part by downloading the banners here and post it on your websites or your social networking profile. We all can help by spreading the word to our family and friends.

After spending a short two days with a Golden Retriever the last Chinese New Year holidays, i had a sudden urge to get a goldie puppy too. But maybe i should go check out the SPCA or the Furry Friends Farm. I can do my part in saving another dog / cat and give them a home.

Having a goldie would complete me... but maybe next time ;) I'll have to make sure the goldie is not from a puppy mill.

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