Whispering Pines - Johnny Horton

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Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

I like this song!! Actually I am in love with all the song you post..I will frequently browse back your blog for all the songs..it somehow helps me when I am painting or drawing :) Thanks Anny!! For sharing it here... :D

Do you know where we can doenload this songs in MP3 version??


Unknown said...

Most are my papa's songs from his time.. good simple numbers :) if you have Real Player.. you can download the songs to your computer.. and play it with the player.. :) saves u time on the downloading..

mp3 i have are mostly my noisy songs.. hehe.. if u like.. i burn u a copy

Anonymous said...

Wah, this song from zaman dulu-dulu, my grand fathers time la ... hehehe ... But it's a cool song and I know the lyrics too ... hahaha ... shows you how old I am!

Unknown said...

Yea yea Nick.. hhahahhaa.. my dad sometimes says.. his father used to love the songs... kinda dulu dulu kinda songs.. but i love them! simple and meaningful.

And how can u be old... when ur beautiful and macho.. hehe