When everyday is a Valentines Day... most commercial giants would be very happy of course.

If you are attached with the right person, you are actually celebrating Valentines Day everyday. That's a better thought.

My funny Valentine started off with me sending my dad and his friend on a train bound south. Both old folks were so happy and excited to get out. They were actually grinning from ear to ear... hahhahahaa.. i was more worried about them getting lost in the big train station at their destination but.. these old folks have eaten more salt than i have eaten rice. Their worldly ways should do them fine.

Then i went to visit mom... and got her some flowers. Uncle asked me.. what kinda of flowers you want today? I immediately said.. roses of course. Red ones too. hahhahahaa.. Uncle said.. noooo... red roses are expensive today. (I think he was saving his red roses for the lovers) But nice uncle made me a bouquet of purple eustomas for my mummy. It looked very beautiful where she is.

Came back for Dommy to visit the vet. He happily jumped into my car not knowing where i was taking him. hahahahah.. He always get conned. Clueless. hahhahahaahaaha... When i was nearer to the vet's practice... suddenly Dommy sat up.. and remembered. He had a worried look on his face... hhahahahahhaa.. the look was of course Priceless. Dr Teo said the skin rash is not as bad as last time. But i requested for a crew cut for Dom since the days are getting really warm. He was short-handed today... so i took Dommy home and to return tomorrow for his shave and treatment. Dommy was surprised.... No injection... no shave... he happily trotted into my car and give me a huge grin. Yea yea.. dogs.. they smile and grin too.. when they are happy. hahhahaa.. Priceless. He doesn't know what's in store for him tomorrow.. hehhehehe Off we went home.

Famished and tired... i just had a quick lunch and went to pick Boy. Boy was visiting his grandma... and he had a big bunch of flowers. Hmm.. i was wondering.. which girl spend so much on him. hhahahahahhaa.. And he even wanted to buy flowers for grandma. That was so sweet of him. He thought of mum. But uncle at the same flower shop... told him.. your sister.. came this morning and bought some. You no need to buy. Save money. hahhahahahahaa.. Such a nice uncle. Boy went.. no no.. she's not my sister.. she's my auntie. Hahahhahahaha I should be happy about the sister part.. at least i am looking young.. hehhehehee.. Sometimes i go to the market and people call me auntie.. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa... i just glare at them... but who wouldn't call me auntie.. if you see me in my "just woken up" face and dragging my legs to the market.

Boy had a secret. He bought the flowers for a girl. But he said... i don't know which girl i want to give to yet. *adoi* I on the other hand knew which girl he want to give to. His mind is set. I know.. he cannot lie to me. I knew him since he was a baby in his mummy's tummy.

We came home.. and all three of us slept. Dommy, Boy and I.. all slept till late.

Woke up to go dinner. But... we detour to the girl's house.

Being shy and being a teenager... he doesn't want to give the flowers to the girl face to face. I told him... be a gentleman.. give to her face to face. But nooooooo... we drove in darkness like some secret agent... sitting and stalking outside her house. Then when we see the opportunity.. he ran towards the house... to drop the flowers... but ran back immediately... hahhahahhaa.. cos he got chased by a few big and small doggies... hahhahahahahaa.. He ran back as fast as his legs could carry him... with the flowers still in his hands. Adoi! hhahahahaa... Cos the neighbourhood was so filled with dogs... we decided to drive in right to the doorstep.. and drop it quickly.. and drove out. But i had trouble turning the car around because the road was so narrow. Hahhaa.. the experience was of course Priceless :)

Brought me back to the time when i was his age. I used to like this guy forever. Well... 3 years seems like forever... cos every other girl likes him too. He wouldn't even knew i liked him. We were friends.. but i remember him as the most good looking guy when i was a teenager. I even cycle pass his house sometimes. hahahahhaa.. Tell me about being thick-skinned and hard-up.. for his attention.. hahhahahahahaa When he sees me.. i would just say.. oh.. i was just in the neighbourhood.. hahhahahahaa.. while turning red.. and quickly cycling away. Priceless!

Both Boy and I came home after dinner and watch a whole lot of tv. Its been a while since we both watched tv... i think. At least for me... i enjoyed my Valentine just flipping channels and watched about 4 whole hours of tv. Dommy got so tired of waiting for me.. he just took the opportunity to jump up on the couch and slept there... hehhehe Papa's gonna be home tomorrow. I better tidy up the house a bit tomorrow.

One Valentine, my friend's husband cut out 2 paper red hearts and scribbled some lovely sentiments there. He gave one to his wife (you know who you are..lucky woman) and another to his little girl. I thought that it was so sweet. Inexpensive but done with heart. No hoity-toityness but sincere.

One of my favourite blogs... Matthias Inks... Matthias made Valentines day card for his wife and daughters... it was so cute.. and so with love.

My friend Spiff... says he's gonna cook his lovely wife some nice romantic breakfast for Valentines Day. That's really all it takes to make a woman happy.

Well... roses are really way too expensive today. hahahaha.. Even uncle forbid me to buy.

Valentines Day should not be about expensive gifts and spending bombs on dinners and hoity-toityness. Even though it sounds kinda nice (my evil thots overrides sometimes)... but commercial giants are the ones smiling to the banks. Everyday should be Valentines Day... if you have that special someone with you.

May everyday be Valentines Day to people in love... and people who are looking for love. Never despair cos there's always someone for you in this world. There's always someone for someone... just look right.. and look left. He/she is just there.

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Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

this is so sweet Anny :)

Love reading your post tho it's long but it is interesting :)

Unknown said...

thanks for reading it anyways.. and it is loooooooonnngg.. i didn't know how long it was till i posted it.. must b one crazy nite of mine... :D