YeHaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... i am on a roll tonite. Too bored with my daily work... and nagging from "the upperheads" so i decide to drop that and sneak over here.. hehe.. i'll get back to that tomorrow.

And so... guess what happened to Brandy. I'll let her tell you herself.

Its not my fault... its really not my fault... i was just checking out the pond... and the rocks formation... and the steps... and and the hibiscus was delicious the last time i ate it.

Then i decided to test out the rocks and see if they are sturdy... and and this water taste so much nicer to drink... i drank it when PP's mummy was not looking.

And and then i slipped. I I I fell into the pond... but i am a goldie.. and i love water... and i am smart... and and and i forgot that i am still small... its quite hard to climb up again...
I hang on to the rocks for dear life and yelped out real loud to PP's mummy to come and save me. PP was even helping me by barking out to his mummy really loud to come downstairs to save me. PP is such a darling.

PP's mummy came down and promptly save me from my swim. I I I was really just checking out the rocks. Really. I got the evidence.. My head, neck and ears were all dry. Just half of my body is wet.. and its really quite hard to climb out from the pond again. (but i can jump out real fast in a few months time when i become a big goldie.. you just see).

In a few months time, when PP's mummy and daddy goes to work... i will just have my swim in the pond... and just check out more rocks... and hibiscus. But i will listen to PP's mummy now.. and not go near to the pond. Just in case i decide to check out some rocks and fall in. I'll do it again when i am a bigger doggie.

Golden Retrievers do love water... a lot. Their coats are dense and water repellent. But just because golden retrievers love water does not mean they cannot drown. Especially puppies and curiosity. Watch them around a swimming pool. The are not like humans... and know how to come up the steps of the swimming pool. Crate them... or put up a fence.

As you can see.. the Yellow furball above is still laughing over the whole fell into the water fiasco. They have the face of an angel... and when you want to scold them, they just give you a silly smile and all is forgotten.

Goodnight folks :)

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Nessa said...

Awww... poor Brandy. He/she is just adorable, almost wishing to have a dog but I can't stand it when they bark!

BTW, you have been tagged :)

Here’s the link :~

Unknown said...

hahhahaa.. u can ask the dog to stop barking.. hehe.. sometimes they listen ;) sometimes.. hehe

thanks for the tag Nessa! i'll do it tonito :) hope ur computer dah ok

baincardin said...

thanks for dropping by Anny ^_^ so cute ur Brandy ;)

Unknown said...

Brandy si kuning ni.. is not my dog yet.. hahahhaa.. she is just a visitor... who comes by when her mommy and daddy not around to take care of her.. she is Beautiful!..

Anonymous said...

tag you at alsomommy

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Such adorable Kuning! ^^

Unknown said...

ya.. she is very funny! almost like a human. tks for dropping by Cindy

yoon see said...

Yeah, so cute...thumb up for your sequence photos. I guess you must always get ready your camera Anny!

Golden Retrievers are so smart and friendly, my neighbour has one.
I love dog too but my brother prefer not to have any....To him it's troublesome:(
Too bad, I am staying with my brother.....
So instead, I can only chose two little fishes which don't take up much space and time...

Unknown said...

Mebbe someday.. when u have a place of your own... u can have a doggie too.
It is a huge responsibility.. esp Goldies.. they need a lot of attention.. cos they will love u to bits :)
i did catch a dog smiling.. finally :)