Callistemon or Bottlebrush
Bottlebrush is a small but spectacular evergreen tree or shrub. Of the family Myrtaceae it is well known as Callistemon or Bottlebrush Tree. It is easy to grow and loves warmth, moisture and sun. Bottlebrush is native to Australia mostly growing in moist soil in open or woodland sites. (info from

This particular shrub/tree was planted by mom and dad few years back. They will usually buy a pair of every plant they have. When we bought it, it was about 2 feet tall or less.

Mom had a kinda faraway look at that time... and told us... i wonder if i'll get to see this plant grow big and huge. But the time it grows, i'll most probably be gone. Then we assured her that it will grow fast. Just for her, it will grow very fast.

When i came back into the house, i show mom this comic from Peanuts.

I asked her the same question too. Why? Where are you going? Then we both had a good laugh over this comic.

The bottlebrush did grow fast.. and huge. It was planted beside the drains. The drain water kind of speed the growth. It is indeed a spectacular shrub. I can't really call it a shrub because its huge.

She loved it. Her bottlebrush provided lots of shade. And it brings a variety of birds and bees and lots of butterflies. Our garden is like a mini aviary. In the afternoons, sometimes we have quite an orchestra from the birds. Big and small and tiny and minute. They just play on cue. hehhehehehee

Mom's bottlebrushes still provide a lot of shade. And its beautiful. No maintenance at all and it even dances in the wind. It brings many butterflies. It reminds me of my beautiful mom too.

Here's our bottlebrush.

This bottlebrush does look like the bottle brush we use to clean babies feeding bottles right? :)

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Nessa said...

You're right, it's not a shrub. It's a tree! And a beautiful one too.

Yeah, betul2 nampak macam berus cuci botol susu baby :D

Whenever I see Bougainvilleas, I'm instantly reminded of my mom. She loved those type of flower.

The Race Against Time said...

yep! it is a treeeeeeeeeee :)
mebbe can use it to wash the botol susu if its not flimsy :D
bougainvilleas? one of my mom's favourite too.. we used to have a lot of those..
Ipoh is a bougainvillea city.. we have it all over everywhere :)

baincardin said...

memang cantik sangat laa bottlebrush ni Anny! kalau bain jumpa, bain nak zoom macro gambar ni! :)

The Race Against Time said...

cantik jugo.. too bad i dun have macro lens.. mahal sangat.. hehehhee.. i'll try and take a closer pic for u.. but my neighbours are beginning to think that i am crazy.. always taking pics of cats and plants.. hehehe..

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I never knew there was a tree or shrub called bottlebrush. And I thought I knew everything ... LOL!

Btw, Spiff is back ... muahahaha!

The Race Against Time said...

I wouldn't know too.. if we don't have the tree.. :D
Spiff is back? when? where?

yoon see said...

Yeah, It's so funny!
All in one.Aesthetic and beautiful.