Here's Nick when he was 6

Today is my nephew Nicky's 14th birthday. Happy Birthday to you dear Bola!

How very fast they grow. Now he is even almost taller than me... aiyaaa...

Bola is his nickname when he was little. He was a big baby. Always smiling... and happy as a baby and round. We all called him Bola. Bola means ball in Bahasa Malaysia. He was round like a ball :)
When he was little, he was always smiling. Even today. His brother Boy named him Nicholas. We gave the elder brother a few names to choose... and he choose Nicholas. Mind you, Boy was only 3 at that time. hahahhahahahaha... But he said in his high-pitched voice.. Nicholas. My brother will be named Nicholas. And St Nicholas he was. Like Santa... always with a hohoho and a pretty smile on his face.
Thank God he didn't named him Umpi. I remembered Boy had a tortoise and he named him Umpi.

May you always have rainbows and good hearts to complete you. And may you always be happy like Santa. Happy Happy Birthday dear Bola!

3 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Wah, your nephew got same name as that annoying Nick fellow ah? LOL!

Happy Birthday Bola :D

The Race Against Time said...

hahahhahaa.. Yes yes.. i have many Nick & Nicky in ma life...

thanks for the wish Uncle Spiffy!

Nessa said...

Happy birthday Bola! :D

Btw, you have to delete my link first. I've deleted my old feed at Feedburner and opened a new one.