A tiring day today. I hear my bed calling me.. come come.. come and lie down and sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz...

*ops!* Sorry.. for a while there.. i almost got drawn in by my bed.. come come.. come and.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ... hhehehehhe.. my bed is just behind me.. i just got to tilt about 45 degrees on my chair and i can fall onto bed. What a wonderful idea :D

Don't know why its such a tiring day. Maybe getting on in age is one.. hehehhehee.. And maybe i have not sort out the workflow in my head :D The daily grind is starting again. But this year will be better. We are working way ahead of time this time around.

My day started at 8am this morning. Yes yes.. i am the lucky few who can sleep till 8am sometimes. I woke up to the ever eager smiley curly moo to greet me. Guess he needs to pee badly.. hhahahaa.. or maybe he's just eager to check if there are any cats in the garden waiting to be chased.

We come in after his pee & poo and i'll give him some biscuits which he gobbled up happily. He even counted the biscuits in my hands just in case i kept one for myself. Hmm.. actually i have never tried his biscuits. I wonder how it taste like. Urmmmmm.. maybe tomorrow ;)

Then i change his water.. and he laps it up quickly. Sometimes i drop a few drops of apple cider for him. I read somewhere that apple cider is good to keep ticks away.

Off to the market to grab a few stuffs.. and sometimes i chat with the old folks. The chicken seller is very nice.. sometimes she gives me an extra piece. The pau (chinese buns) seller always greets me with a big smile. The paus that she makes are very soft and nice. On certain days the flower lady have some beautiful orchids for mom. But most of the time, i buy the jasmines on the strings from the cheerful Indian lady beside the fruits stall. They are all very cheerful folks in the market. They work very hard. Not like some people who get to sleep-in till 8am :D

It takes about 30mins to finish my marketing. Sometimes less. And off to some hollering in my car with the Morning Show on FlyFM. For some insane reason, i love to sing out loud in my car when i am alone. I used to sing all the way to Kuala Lumpur and all the way back too. *LOL* That is if i am driving alone.

Coming back home and i log in to work. *phew*

Then there's the laundry to hang out to dry... the cooking for dinner... then Boy decided today is Clean Sheets Day today. We usually have Clean Sheets Day on weekends. Thank God my papa helped me with the washing of the cooking stuffs tonite. Yesterday it took me another 30mins to wash everything and clean up the kitchen. I think i fried something which got the kitchen oily.. and i don't know why i used so many pots yesterday. All the pots but one was out. And it wasn't even a fanciful dinner.. hahahhahahaaa

After all that... i am poofed now. Now i feel like i need to poo. *LOL* Please forgive this uncultured person :)

2 woofs:

Nessa said...

Wah, how many dish you masak?? :)

It's so nice to work from home... can sleep anytime, eat anytime even poo anytime! LOL!

The Race Against Time said...

err.. not many.. hahaha.. but i was wondering why there were so many pots to wash too.. *LOL*

there was soup pot, rice pot, some herbs drink i boiled earlier pot, i fried chicken in the glass pot, i store some dish on the maggi mee pot.. hahhahaa.. i am full of pots.

ur definitely spot-on on the "poo" biz *LOL*