Are you flipped yet? Did you get up from where you are sitting and kinda try to turn yourself around to look at the picture above? hehehehhehee

The reason i flipped the image around is because all of us need some exercise sometimes. And getting up and turning ourselves around do count as an exercise :D

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. I think we started learning about these basic colors very young in our lives. We have Red, Blue, Green, Yellow as house colors in our school sports. Guess they are not very creative as to come up with cooler names. We even have Red, Blue, Green, Yellow as classroom names in primary school. Maybe its easier for the smaller kids to remember where their classrooms are.

Now colours come in more funnier and funky names for example Salmon, Teal or Coral. Teal is my favourite :D Then we have Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black and pantone for printing for other arty stuffs. And we have RGB for computers. And many many more different sets of names for colors for everything.

Have you looked at the names of paints or coatings for walls lately? Their names are just so cool. You'll be spoilt for choice. You'll be wondering if you choose the color because you liked the color or maybe because you liked the name of the said paint.

After a while.. you kinda get a bit confused with all these arty farty names. Then its back to Red, Blue, Green, Yellow which is back to basics. I kinda like the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow all over again. Kinda remind me of childhood and the smell of chalk and classrooms :D And whoooooooooooshhhhhhhhh... we are back to the past.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The other reason the picture is flipped is because we the people are flipped by the recent circus we have to endure. Our happiness are shortlived but justice will prevail again one day. We will just have to be calm and quiet and hopefully the circus will leave town soon.

4 woofs:

yunus said...

"Red, Blue, Green, Yellow" colors of life! :) Anny, we have pantone as well for special printing color :) hihi

good post Anny!

The Race Against Time said...

ye tak ye jugak.. pantone printing memang cun cikit :)

err... didya turn ur head around to see the pic? hehe

tks Yun!

yunus said...

nope, actually, I just save the image and rotate it! hahaha just kidding :)

The Race Against Time said...

hahahaa.. tat wud be a better idea.. *LOL*