Sunshine ~ John Denver

Sunshine by John Denver is one of the songs that pretty much decribes my childhood. Lots of sunshine and lots of love. I listened to him quite a lot when i was little. My papa was a John Denver fan so we kind of listen to John Denver in the house, John Denver in the car and John Denver almost everywhere we can bring him along.

I know most of John Denver's songs by heart :) and he even wrote a song for me..Annie's Song.. *lol* just kidding just kidding. John Denver sure don't know me by first name. But i know him like all the beautiful songs he sang.

When songs were simpler and life was fun. When people were just nice and all they think about was taking their kids out for ice-creams and dancing by the music from the tv.

Sunshine almost always make me high :)

5 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Goodness me.....John Denver's songs reminded me of our childhood, definitely... esp the one 'Leaving on the jet plane' when I left home.
Thanks for the song...Anny

Hobbes said...

I just love John Denver songs. Are you sure you're not as old as that Spiff fellow? LOL!

The Race Against Time said...

i am only as old as Hobbes.. urmm.. mebbe i am as old as Goofy.. errr.. i lost count of how old i am :D

Nessa said...

Annie's song is one of my favorite JD songs. Sang it once kat ofis and my colleague complimented me. Apa lagi, kembang la... hahaha

The Race Against Time said...

hehehe.. and u were singing about me... now's my turn kembang la.. hahhahahahaha